La Liga Thread


Where’d this outbreak of lol’ing come from?

Come on now, you’re in the midst of a tense disagreement, pretty sure neither of you are actually laughing out loud after each of your posts. :eyes:


Leganes-Granada 0-0 at HT.
Such an importang win for Leganes in their fight to avoid the drop.


Big win! Thought Grandad would sneak the three points in this one. Could be a big result for both teams.


@AbouCuellar You misunderstood what I said, while negro can be used in a friendly way down here, it can also be used as an insult (Argentinians and Uruguayans actually use it quite regularly as an insult).
Honestly I have no doubt that Suarez was trying to insult Evra using it in a racist way.


No, I understood, it can be used as an insult here too obviously.

Maybe, but you can’t deny that as far as ingame trash talk goes it’s lite as fuck and that Evra was doing the same to Suárez. You don’t call someone ‘sudamericano’ out of the blue, especially with Evra’s control of the language, if you’re not trying to do it in a racist/xenophobic fashion.


“Sudamericano” would be a lite insult, I would barely register it as one tbh. Meanwhile racist insults are not a lite as you think here, maybe not as severe as in US or Europe but still not lite.
For example: Should I use it in a confrontation I should be expecting an escalation.


It’s literally the exact same as what Suárez was doing, the only difference is Evra doesn’t have enough control of spanish to know the more insulting version of sudamericano. Why the fuck else would he say it, lol?


By the way, where does that sudamericano come from? Has Evra admitted to saying that or is it just coming from Suarez? Because in that case, I might find it hard to believe. Suarez is about as trustworthy as a Trump cabinet member under oath.


thread TL;DR.

both comments had racist connotations at the very least. biting is childish and wrong no matter what. suarez is a cunt, but an incredibly gifted cunt. AC dislikes English culture and SRCJJ resonates with Evra.


Biting is childish? wat?

Possibly drawing blood with your teeth is something I wouldn’t want to be done by anyone. I don’t understand why anyone would actually try to defend that.


Pretty sure Evra admitted to it in the FA review.


This thread is going tits up.


Sudaca doens’t really have much effect unless you live in Spain or someone where people are racist against south-americans.
On the negro part your trying to justify it using your Spanish point-of-view, but that’s a mistake here since there are cultural difference between.Spain and L.America when dealing about race and racism.


wasnt that in this thread? i am sure it was.

iirc AC said biting wasnt really anything concerning, jake mentioned its a behaviour typically observed in children (when it concerns humans).

edit: also i am not defending it, just so we are on the same page. i think its disgusting.


Well I think England/France would fit that bill :wink:


I read it somewhere above too while skimming so you’re fine. I don’t think it’s either childish or not concerning. It’s as you say disgusting and not something i’d have high up on my list on things I think are ok, because of concerns about my own body.


When I came on OA last night and seen there was 47 unread posts in here I was like wth has happened in La Liga for the mass uptake in posts to this thread then when I clicked in :neutral_face::neutral_face:

Still had GFI post his match updates in the middle of it though lol.


I’ve never heard of “South American” as an insult in Europe. South Americans are way too insignificant to use that as an insult. That’s like saying "You goddamn Pacific Islander, you!":grinning:


Benzema brace for Real in 25 minutes.
Would have never thought it would have been so easy for Real after all their recent struggles.
4-1 FT for Real.


Suarez and Messi hit the post twice in a row!