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Shame, your first post on the matter actually read like satire. :grimacing:


No, where did you read this? Can’t find anything about it.

I would.


Yeah, just a load of boring apologist chat. Nothing more to say on the topic of Suarez’ attempts to make himself the victim.

I see this biting business as just an extension of your constant apologism with regards to any offence people look down on that isn’t as serious as leg breaking tackles. You know, when you do your whole “you English are so over the top about diving and faking injury, it’s just part of the game. Why don’t you focus on leg breaking tackles you philistines?”

I bet you’d have defended him against the ban he received for being a racist cunt because it isn’t as bad as a leg breaking tackle.

You probably need to accept that there are certain behaviours that are almost universally condemned even if they aren’t violent enough to result in shattered bones and ruined careers.


he says he doesn’t know where he’ll be next year, and that he doesn’t think he’ll continue, because the negotiations aren’t going well. Might be more posturing but yeah.

@CunningLinguist I’ll be totally honest, I do enjoy provoking with the Suárez debate, because I know I’m one of the very few if any who doesn’t find any real issue with his biting, and because I find it funny that people get so bothered or offended by it. But on the other hand I do actually feel like there’s clearly a bit of mistreatment/covert racism/classism in the treatment of him both by FIFA and the media (when he was in England too, of course), and that his case is a very nice example to point out how misplaced FIFA’s priorities are/how focussed they are on simply covering their own asses.

@JakeyBoy what if he had licked him?

I did defend him for ‘being a racist cunt’, because it was absolutely fucking absurdly hilarious that he was labeled as such for provoking Evra with provocative talk that is at worst par-for-the-course of what you’ll hear on a football pitch, at best pretty lite stuff. And that you call him that is also a kind of indication on the effect on you of the media/society in your country. Suárez in England was outright xenophobia to be brutally honest, about as obvious a case as it gets.


Well you’ve just confirmed all my suspicions, which is nice.

Just out of interest, what do you think Suarez said to Evra? You must have a pretty clear idea if you’ve decided that it is par for the course.


He called him ‘negrito’, which is incredibly, incredibly lite, and I guarantee you Suárez has been called much much worse on a regular basis.

According to Suárez (declarations which I really don’t doubt because they’re 100% plausible and because I don’t see Suárez being bright enough to make big inventions), Evra had called him sudamericano, which is literally exactly the same. Suárez was the one punished, though, because of cultural misunderstanding/governing body agenda’s in England.

Tbh, anyone who thinks Suárez is a racist is out of their fucking mind, and simply didn’t understand the situation, pure and simple.

“allí (en Uruguay) le llamamos negros sin ningún problema, porque ser negro no es un problema. Ojala en europa tuvieran esa madurez frente a las razas… Estar en contra del racismo no es prohibir la palabra “negro”, es tomarse las diferencias con naturalidad y hacer que no importen, porque no importan. Poner un velo por delante y decir que todos somos iguales es hipocresía, somos todos distintos, muy distintos, pero distinto no significa superior o inferior, ese es el concepto que habría que aplicarse, y no convertir la palabra negro en un tabú. Y yo agrego: convertir la palabra “negro en un tabú”, eso SÍ es racismo.”

“There (in Uruguay) we call people black (negro) without any problem, because to be black is not a problem. Too bad in Europe they don’t seem to have the same maturity level with race…To be against racism doesn’t mean to prohibit the word ‘negro/black’, but rather to take our differences in stride, naturally and to make them not matter, because they don’t. To put a cover on things and say that we’re all the same is hypocrisy, we’re different, very different, but different doesn’t mean better or worse, that’s the concept that needs to be applied, not convert the word ‘black/negro’ in taboo. And I’ll go further converting the word ‘black/negro’ in taboo, that, actually, IS racism.”


For a start, the bold part, what utter bollocks. That’s not a complex lie, it doesn’t take any intelligence to lie about someone calling you a rude word before you used one in return. Any idiot could make that up. This is what I mean about your apologism, your desire to make issues about English misunderstandings or culture.

Now explain the context in which he used the word negrito. What was the sentence that word appeared in?


It was childish namecalling, Evra called him sudamericano, Suárez called him negrito. It’s what happens on a fucking football pitch, lol. Truly can’t believe how gullible (or not so subvertly xenophobic/racist) people are to actually call Suárez a racist. It’s genuinely fucking absurd.


So you won’t provide the context. Ok mate.

Also according to you it’s ridiculous for people to think Suarez is a racist because he used a term that specifically refers to someone’s race in an argument, but you’ll then slyly accuse those people of being a bit racist or xenophobic for doing so, when doing so is far less obviously racist than Suarez was.

You’re genuinely all over the place :joy:


“Él empezó a discutir conmigo en español y recuerdo que más allá de que me llamó
sudamericano no pude entender más de lo que decía… Evra vino en un córner a preguntarme por qué le había golpeado, algo totalmente hipócrita cuando un defensa se pasa todo el partido golpeando”, según recoge The Guardian.

Leer más: Luis Suárez: “No soy racista” -

““He started shouting at me in spanish and I remember that apart from him calling me ‘sudamericano’ I couldn’t really understand anything else he said…Evra came up to me during a corner to ask me why I’d hit him, a totally hypocritical question when a defender like him spends the whole match leaving knocks on his opponent”, according to the Guardian.”"

“No usé negro en el sentido que tiene en inglés… Es evidente que no pretendía ser gentil y amable con Evra al decirle eso, pero no fue un ataque racista”, dijo Suárez. “Mi mujer a veces me llama negro y mi abuela llamaba siempre negrito a mi abuelo”.

Leer más: Luis Suárez: “No soy racista” -

“I didn’t use ‘negro’ in the sense it has in english…It’s obvious I wasn’t trying to be sweet and nice with Evra when I said that to him, but it wasn’t a racist attack,” Suárez said. “My wife sometimes calls me negro and my granny always called my grandpa negrito.”

Negro simply isn’t used the same in spanish as it is in English. It’s used with complete naturality, especially in south America. It’s totally normal, as Suárez tells, to call someone who is tan skinned negro or negrito. Like I said, Evra, a foreigner, randomly saying ‘sudamericano’, which just means ‘south american’, which he’s clearly saying with a negative connotation, because, why the fuck else would you say sudamericano (surely if Evra had more control of the spanish language he would’ve used another word, but I digress), is frankly worse sounding than saying negrito. Negrito just sounds like you’re trying to be obnoxious and provocative, it doesn’t sound remotely racist. A foreigner randomly saying sudamericano, on the other hand, strikes me as more likely to be revealing of racist/xenophobic attitudes, and tbh, if on a random street corner in spain you went up to a black person and said ey, negrito, it’s highly unlikely any offence would be taken, whereas if you went up to a random south american and said ey, sudamericano, it sounds a lot worse, frankly.

Hope that’s enough context for you. You could’ve just taken my word for the fact that the whole Suárez racism thing is a massive joke that a whole lot of you in England have allowed yourselves to be taken in on, and while it probably doesn’t apply to you, subvert racism/xenophobia/classism towards people like Suárez certainly played a part in such a stupid misconception going over so easily.


If Real Sociedad today they go fourth. Massive pressure on Atletico.


Im not biting.


Well I could have done but why would I when I think you’ve been talking shit in this thread?

Tbh you throwing the word xenophobia around when you seem to enjoy belittling English people and their values with regards to football is a bit of a laugh. But please carry on, it’s amusing rather than offensive.


Real Sociedad up at HT.


You’ve got your negroes well reined in, eh?:unamused:


Who wouldn’t? They’re shit values. Belittling shit values or poor, xenophobic treatment and bad understanding of outside cultures isn’t xenophobia, though. I think you should look up the definition of the term. :wink:

Nah, negrito is just an incredibly lite term. There are others which you could use which would cause them to be rightfully offended.


Well I think that it being acceptable to refer to someone by their skin colour for no reason in an argument is a shit cultural value, but when the English (the media, me) express this you start throwing around racism and xenophobia.

As I said, you’re all over the place.


No, that’s a fine cultural value. A poor cultural value, on the other hand, is selectively deciding when it’s okay to refer to someone’s race/ethnicity and deciding to punish that person selectively, and another poor cultural value is trying to imperialistically, belligerently apply your cultural values, connotations, and even semantics (:joy:) to those of all other cultures even when yours frankly is not involved in the question at hand (ie, Evra-Suárez was a dispute that took place between a Frenchman and an Uruguayan, in spanish…should the fact it happened to occur on an english football pitch mean that english cultural values, even english language connotations and semantic judgments should reign in the matter? :confused: :grimacing: )


According to you it is.

Well yes, of course. When you play in England and the English league who else’s values should be applied?! You need to be consistent, how on earth do you achieve that if in each case you base it on the nationalities of those involved? That results in people being punished differently based on the country they are from.


No, you’ve misunderstood (tbh, I wasn’t very clear): I’m saying it’s a fine cultural value to think that referring to someone’s skin colour for no reason in an argument is a shit cultural value.

The rest of the post should make more sense to you now.

Don’t you realise how absurd that is? So if Bale and Guidetti have an argument in english during a La Liga match, and if they happen to use a cognate that has a different connotation in spanish/Spain, and are punished because of that, it all makes sense, then?!

I see you’ve rather selectively (:coq::arteta::campbell:) decided to avoid this part, btw