La Liga Thread


So it’s Valverde, imo.


GB said Sampaoli’s left wing views and out spoken nature doesn’t suit barca


I think Barca are a nationalist left wing club, tbh.


I thought Barca were left wing?

Anywho, makes me love Sampa more :heart_eyes:


In theory, yeh, but the people in charge right now are cold fish, anything left wing about them is just posture to sit well with the fans.

Seeing those names I think Setién would’ve been in with a shout had he not been a bit overly-outspoken during January, I think he probably hurt his stock a bit then. :confused:


I get it. Sampaoli would be the best choice for them though.


Of those 4 coaches mentioned above, I only know Koeman :laughing:


Pretty good article on the un-predictable nature of Barca when it comes to appointing managers. I remember being somewhat suprised by the Tata Martino appointment in 2013 and the Luis Enrique appointment in 2014. Based on previous, expect it not to be Sampaoli.


Repeating myself here, but Koeman’s football is pretty much exactly like David Moyes’, so the idea of him as a Barcelona coach, is extremely bizarre.

Don’t really know Valverde, but it seems like he’s popular mostly because Athletic press in interesting ways when they play Barca. We’re still talking about a team that’s second only to Eibar when it comes to long balls per game. Average possession per game only at 49 % this season. Looked the same last season too. How is that Barcelona style? :confused:


What did he say?


The Valverde link is truly baffling, I don’t rate the work he’s done at Athletic at all.

Barsa is run by clowns though so no surprise.


Complained about the situation at the club (tbh their president is definitely a bit of an arse and a small-time mafioso), saying it was lack of ambition and whatnot and that he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to stay unless things changed (in the media all of this of course), but reeked a bit of a come and get me plea, in short he was just acting a bit arrogant which you could see some in the business interpreting as ungrateful/unprofessional with his employer or getting a bit too big for his boots.

Think he’s an awesome manager though tbh, really want to see what he can do at a bigger club.


Big chance for Seville to close the gap to the top today. Hope they don’t pull out an Arsenal :smiley:


God I really hope Madrid don’t win the title (or the Champions of course), they are the most bullshit team I can remember. (Maybe since 13-14 Arsenal ;)) Feels a bit like United in 10-11 though where the referees as a collective will make sure they see it through.


Depor and Seville leading. Oblak fucked it up.


Atlético this season…:cold_sweat:

this is pretty good, though


Time for a raid on Griezmann and Koke :wenger:
1-1 Griezmann. Meanwhile, Williams so, so close. Great long range effort.
Bilbao have been good in the last 10 minutes. Seville need to wake up.


wtf just happened to Torres


So annoyed I can’t watch either game.

Sounds as if Torres has had a serious fall?


Torres hit his head coming down, all the players waved at medical staff to run to the pitch. Some of Atlético’s players look really worried.


I hate the inevitability of Griezmann’s transfer to Manchester United next season.

That pulling power they have remains unrivalled. Season or two outside of the CL? Not a problem


Uff I’ve just seen a clip of it. His head smashes into the ground. I think he was still knocked out whilst being stretchered off :confused: