La Liga Thread


Didn’t think I’d see the day, but Marca have balls man.


Meh. They should have done it in sequence of goals scored.


No goals scored against us during his time at Madrid. Haters will say it’s because we didn’t play them :sunglasses:


Still can’t believe Real made a profit on their original transfer paid. Great deal for them.
All that consistent world class service for only his wages.


Is Real Madrid’s new thing to put out official statements denying every transfer rumour to them?! :joy:


They are cocky fuckers, tbh.


I hope they release a third one saying we are absolutely not signing Neymar, full details in the video below and then the video is like pew pew :tada: :fireworks: WELCOME NEYMARRRR 7 :fireworks: :tada: pew


Not to mention the insane shirt sales and other commercial benefits…

It is one of the failings of AFC under Arsene’ was a bit too much “handbrake” in the transfer market.


Those pew pews really cracked me up for some reason