Kylian Mbappe


Id rather you shut the fuck up with these wack ass ideas bro


Same here but @Maverick79 saying Benz is shit is just crazy.

He’s a world class striker that is made to do a lot of dirty work for Ronaldo.


I dont think he is dependable, he seems a total fucking asshole to boot too. His numbers recently aint been any better than Giroud, if anything Giroud does far more in less minutes…fuck him.


Look at his numbers, he’s the definition of dependable and there’s a reason he’s lasted this long at Madrid and a favourite of Perez. He’s had an injury riddled season, he’s far superior to Giroud.

Nearly achieved a goal a game in La Liga last season and has absolutely killed in the the champions league over the years, he’s a great striker.

And can he be blamed for not joining us from Madrid when he’s their first choice striker? Let’s be real here mate lol.


I have seen him play yes, he wastes so much, it is easy to amass so many goals being flanked by the likes of bale and ronaldo etc in a 2 team league fucking hell even sanogo could get 15 a season there. Really didnt like how he laughed at the prospect of joining us a year or so back like we are so fucking beneath him. So for him to turn up here after that attitude no thanks i rather have someone that likes our club and wants to join not join because we are somehow the best of a situation of being pushed out. Seems a smug motherfucker too…i doubt Wenger will get rid of Giroud and there has been rumblings of discontent between the 2 also.


It’s actually harder than you think to excel at Real as a striker because you are asked to deputise for Ronaldo and Bale.

He gets lesser touches in the final third than he would at another team, Sanogo isn’t getting 15 goals anywhere let alone Real.




Just want to remind you that you once said Joel Campbell is world class.


Actually i didnt…i said he had the POTENTIAL to be world class. He had good vision some really decent strikes good link up play also. Admittedly saying shit is a step too far for Benzema, dont like the guy much though and i dont see how he will add that much more to us he doesnt seem that clinical to me when i see him and seems to have a chip on his shoulder.


@Maverick79 Explain yourself :joy: :joy:


He probably won’t score another 15 goals in the rest of his fucking senior career.


Forget Benzema, the bloke is on the brink of turning 30 now.


Alexis isn’t far off it either. We’re not in any position to be turning down players the caliber of Benzema, even if I’ll admit that I think he’s at a lower level this season than in season’s past.

Anyways, moot point as I think he stays until Zidane leaves and Zidane is not leaving with the title victory and CL final appearance.


I wonder if next season we see a two striker setup with Mbappe and Ronaldo. That would be something quite fucking special tbh.


Benzema has had a shit season. That run vs Atletico was literally one of the only good things he has done. He is past his peak. Also is a cunt

No thanks


Let’s be real here Benz is on the look out for his last big contract and we’d be stupid to give him it. I’ve always hated his attitude and I think he’d react badly to dropping down a level


Difference is we aren’t spunking a huge transfer fee to keep Alexis are we ? I’d rather us spend big money on someone younger.


Would love us to do the unthinkable and sign this guy. Mbappe is French, the club is Monaco, some would say this is right up Arsene’s alley to make this happen.

Come on Arsene, time to fire up the jet, call up Henry and Pires and fly down to Monaco, bring the kid and his family to London and dazzle them. Henry and Pires and regale him stories of what you have done for them while you do that “Father Figure” routine of yours that has lured so many before him to our club. Just get him to sign on the dotted line, and when that’s done, you can announce your contract extension. Do that, and you will win over most fans, and, Alexis and Ozil will sign on. This is the silver bullet really.

Am allowed to dream.


Don’t think he is joining an Europa League club, unless we offer h crazy money :santi:


But what about Arsene and the pulling power he had, especially when it comes to young, french players?