Kylian Mbappe


We can’t know that tbh. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if a lot of potential dealings were exaggerated.



Read he only wants Madrid if he’s to leave


It’s pleasing to see that the lad has good taste.


he’s definitely going to end up at Real. He does look like the real deal. I think a couple more seasons at monaco will do him a world of good. too many youngsters move to the big club too early and end up never achieving their expected potential due to lack of playing time at an especially important time in their development.


according to the telegraph we are going to offer £85m.


Typical Arsenal lol they want £100m+ (big risk i know) Arsenal mmmmnnn ok £85m…no we said £100m+…uuuuuuummmmm ok £85.5m? noooooooooooooooo we said £100m+, well we tried, at least we can have on our records we seriously bid for him and nearly signed him.

At those prices you might as well pay the extra 15m and have done with it, we will never get him anyway especially if RM comes calling which a lot of people have said they are looking and he wants to go.


wait wait wait. £85m is nothing short of insane, no matter who the player is.

United allegedly offered something in the 70’s. I think its fair Arsenal really want him.


I dont disagree, its a HUGE amount of cash, but if Monaco DEMAND £100m i feel we should be like ‘fuck it just pay the extra 15m’ because we ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS lose out because we just dont go the extra mile. Who knows 100m sounds like a lot but in a good few seasons if he carries on he will feel extremely worth it, especially if he helps us win something big. The only problem is what i mentioned earlier in the thread if we pay that amount and he just doesnt replicate the form we have seen oh boy will it be one of the worst transfers in living memory.


How badly would it affect Arsenal financially if we splashed out £200m? Would we still survive and be able to compete?


If the rumor is true (coming from the daily mail) and not just an attempt to link Arsenal to a number that has been floating around for some time.


The Telegraph have become a carbarge news source.


This guy will never play for us.


Prices for players is just FCKN ridiculous !? £85 million for a kid with skills :weary: Dafuq is wrong with money in the game - getting ridiculous ?!


I have to ask…do you just randomly shout words when you’re speaking in real life? I actually can’t read most of your posts because in my head reading them I just shout and elongate the capitalised words and just start laughing. :smile:


then dont read them then, no need to take the piss though!


By what criteria though? He’s basically the hottest prospect on the planet right now. He genuinely caused Juventus a few problems, who’s defence is nothing short of magnificent lately. I think Mbappe is the real deal but will need the right guidance.

Saying that though, cannot not see him here at all.


I’ve done well to go this long without asking in fairness. :smile:


Do you have some sort of problem with me? You know this is not the first time you have called me out on something and ripped the piss out of me, and even then people were saying you’re a mod fucking behave like one. Why do you insist on saying shit like you do? It’s not enough for you to take the piss out my posting style but then to say you laugh at them also…why don’t you block me then and stop being a douchebag!


I’m not one to take the piss out of anyone but it really is difficult to read your posts.


When you say called you out do you mean disagreed with something you’ve written? Because there’s a difference.

I’m not calling you out on this either, its a quirk to your posting style that I find funny and I decided to finally ask you about it (I said in find them difficult to read because that’s the truth). If you’re taking it as a personal slight then that wasn’t my intention, I know nothing about you other than your posts on here so no, I’ve nothing against you.

My posting style has always been to be a bit of a pisstaker, I won’t change that just because I’m a mod and people have unreal expectations of what that should entail.