Kylian Mbappe


If he gets sold at £100m if he carries on the same way he is and gets better with age will still be a snip. Think about it nearly a bloody decade ago RM bought Ronaldo for £80m and people were saying FUCKING HELL no player is worth that stupid money, but do you think they have had their moneys worth out of him…i am sure they bloody well have and the fans sure as fuck dont probably even think about how much they bought him for.

The only problem is he is a HUGE risk at that price because sometimes youngsters have a break out season believe their own hype start caring more about their wages and hair than fucking buckling down and wanting to show the world their quality, for all you know you could sink £100m on him he comes here and then becomes an AOC, you know he has great talent but just dont see it often enough…you pay £100m you have to be damn sure of what character and player you are getting and at what 18-20 its extremely hard to know. I remember when the likes of Thauvin etc were ‘big talents’ where the fuck are they now.


100m for Mbappe, 20m for Cesc, give Ozil and Sanchez what they want to stay, and a new manager.

That would be the best transfer window we have ever had.


Mbappe is a great prospect but give me a more accomplished striker anyday at this stage.

We live in a world where we clamour for too much too soon, and i dont fancy Mbappe’s chances against our away fans when we have another rough season.

Give him a day before hes ‘not fit to wear the shirt’.




And a new manager.

You turncoat scum.


Wenger is a fraud.


Tbf we have that accomplished striker in Giroud for many years now and we should be doing considerably better with the next purchase (which I have my doubts will happen as we’ve also had equally as many years trying to buy one), so going for someone younger wouldn’t really be the worst idea possible.

Having said that if ManUtd are after him for that much money, Mbappe won’t end up at Arsenal anyway, so we might as well bury that hope right now.


thats my boy. together again, at last.


Just shadow AC’s posts for a while and learn the art pretending you wanted Wenger out before those you condemned for wanting Wenger out.


I miss the old AC. Lately all he does is find ways to discuss Ronaldo and Coquelin.


Who do you mean by a more accomplished striker ? I’d pretty much take Mbappe over anyone’s that’s not named Messi, Neymar etc


Coquelin was a big part of old AC too. Usually in conjunction with Schneiderlin in some form or other.


Did someone say season ticket renewal day?

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Well everyone and their dog, cat and hamster have said we have the money for a very special player, i know tis is wenger BUT if he is staying and it is his last hurrah so to speak who knows maybe he will push the boat out and get him at all costs knowing that if he feels strongly he can be good for us for years that he leaves the club with a top player and a final chance of a major trophy before he retires…i have woken up now!


Exclusive: #Wenger would be interested in trying to sign @KMbappe again.

That’s a brilliant quote.

I’m sure Wenger would be interested in “trying” to sign Mbappe again.
He can then put him on the increasing list of all the other top talent he tried to sign.


because no other managers fail to secure signings? hes just being honest man.


"Honest Wenger."
There’s something about that which doesn’t ring true.


still stands to reason though. i bet many managers have failed just as much if not more.


Martial 2.0


I agree that plenty of top managers fail in the transfer market, and they also succeed as well.

But I don’t know another manager that goes on about it more than Wenger.
I also don’t know another manager that brags about how he can afford almost any player, and isn’t afraid to spend, but then leaves gaping holes in the first team every season.

It’s Wenger’s constant dithering and penny pinching which means players like Mpabbe won’t be tempted to come here, because we aren’t perceived as an ambitious club.