Kylian Mbappe


I think it’s more likely they flog James who hasn’t been playing and Morata. Then have Benzema and the 19yo kid to share the minutes between. They’d probably play him on the wing at times too, when Bale or CR7 need a rest.

Then United might well be in for him too.

Huge talent but I think his goal tally flatters him a bit. He has been clinical but most of his goals are tap ins or running off the last man. That said his overall game is good. But I don’t think he’s a game changer or currently better than Aubameyang or Lewandoski.


Aubameyang is a great player.
If we could get either him or Reus fo our attack, then losing Sanchez wouldn’t be so bad, but I think. both of them have their sights set a bit higher.
But I still think Wenger is interested in Benzema and would go for him if we sold Sanchez.


The absolute state of this thread. :arteta:

@JakeyBoy went full Brady there.


I wouldn’t call him a great player, I’d reserve that for super talents. Top player and much better than we have.

Reus injury record seems to be getting worse and worse and his form has understandably dropped because of that.

I also think spending big on a Benzema who’s about to turn 30 and is coming off an average season isn’t something we’d do and rightfully so. That and the fact he probably wouldn’t come here.


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I typed out a reply but deleted it, @Calum is right to be fair :laughing:, we should perhaps get things back on topic. I can move the posts to a new thread if you want to carry on the discussion?


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Lmao forgot about him :joy:


Never gonna happen but imagine if we replaced Walcott with this guy :giroud2:


Pires thinks we’ll sign him! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

but then Pires also thinks we’ll win the cup and the 4PT :eyes:


Dream stuff and will remain so. Walcott will be a hanger-on for another few years, threatening to be great occasionally and then disappearing into obscurity alternatively.

Players like Mbappe we have to get earlier. Once they explode onto the scene like he has, there has to be some sort of bizarro situation to make him end up here. I do wonder if we should have pounced on Dembele before he went to Celtic or even now - seems the kind of player we could reasonably get, maybe still. How is he doing up in Scotland?


Yeah we’d be able to sign him easily but I get the feeling he could be similar to Andre Gomes where a team gets tricked into spending say 25-30 mil on him.

I’m not saying his shit because he was great in the Championship last year & has been tearing up Scottish football this one but honestly I’m still not convinced.

He might have scored 32 goals and have 9 assist from 49 games but Scott Sinclair who could barely hack in the prem has bagged 25 goals himself this season & set up 10 from 45 matches, Leigh Griffiths isn’t doing to badly either who they signed from League One Wolves at the time, his notched up 15 goals & 11 assist from 33 games.

That said I follow the Conference more than I do Scottish football so you’d probably better of asking someone like @Calum how Dembele’s been doing up in his homeland.



Dembelé has been outstanding. 30+ goals his incredible no matter what league. Good few hattricks and he was brilliant in the CL with 3 goals in 6 games.

Hope he stays at Celtic though for at least one more season so he continues his progession.

Would love us to sign him in 2018 although he’s gonna cost a lot of money and will definitely smash the ​Scottish transfer record. Probably 40M+


Yeah… he’s not coming here :joy::cry:


he isnt going anywhere at those prices. Its getting ridiculous now.


Looks like £100m might be cheap for him :joy:


At those prices, forget about AW buying him, even on the off chance that a new manager arrives at the club, I don’t see that happening. Instead of buying young talent from around Europe at impossible prices, we should concentrate on producing home grown talent, like we used to once upon a time. I know it’s not a quick fix but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and a lot more feasible option for a club like ours who aren’t bankrolled by a billionaire. Besides, home grown talent will have a certain loyalty to the club, which will come in handy considering our strict wage structure. So let’s go back to raiding Barca, Ajax and some of the other academies around Europe and get the best talent available for cheap.


So Real bound. I am sure they are willing to play that amount of money for him.