Kylian Mbappe


There is nothing wrong with being a mercenary player. He had a good/great career.


If you put yourself in Mbappe’s boots where do you go?

Personally I’d avoid the likes of Barca and Real, I’d choose Arsenal tbh


Why does he have to go anywhere? He should stay where he is for now. I really hope this Monaco team don’t get torn apart this summer.


FUCKING TRAITOR!! :campbell:


That’s great point actually. At Monaco he’ll have CL experience and the ability to compete at the top end of the league plus stability.

Although I’d counter wouldn’t Spain or England provide a better education? What are the chance of most of this squad staying together?


I don’t think many would agree. He was pretty good for us (not great 17 goals his best league return). Flopped at Real, flopped at PSG, Liverpool. Went to Man City when they were poor and did ok. Ended up in Turkey of all places. Then re-invented himself at Bolton before having a good season winning the league with Chelsea before being binned off to China.

Decent career but he was said to have had more potential than Thierry Henry. So he did flop and he won’t be fondly remembered by any fans.


I reckon they have better coaches at Monaco and playing time is crucial. Sitting on another teams bench would derail him and he shouldn’t go near Real, Barce, United, City or Chelsea YET


Well that’s the thing, Monaco do have a reputation as a a bit of a selling club. They’re at their strongest now though - they’re in a CL semi final and look like they’ll win Ligue 1, but French football is still not as fashionable as other leagues so it’s going to be difficult to keep them all there - particularly Lemar, Mendy, Mbappe and Silva


I don’t mind mercenary players, as long as they’re not wearing an Arsenal shirt.

Mercenary players should stick to the clubs with loads of money but no class.
Chelsea, Man City, PSG etc.


Surely he doesn’t decide after all this Champions League fun this year to go and sign for a non-Champions League club?


It happens if the money is right. Arsenal are a more famous club and that could be used to swoon a young guy. Money is the key though.


That’s a valid point. After all it his CL performances which have really propelled him into the limelight. He needs to continue to test himself against the best


I think you’re overselling us but then Kante did join Chelsea.


I honestly don’t know much about Monaco but a young kid like that can be impressionable. Bring him to the Emirates, show him our superior facilities, introduce him toThierry Henry and show him a check with lots of zeros on it. I reckon that would do the trick.


Monaco’s owner is richer than ours…


I can’t think of any top European club that would not want him.
He is young and has the potential to be one of the best.
He might cost a lot but he will have a decent resale value, unless he turns from one of the best strikers in Europe to Sanogo, which seems unlikely.

Most top European clubs, who are looking for a striker will be after him, and most of them could, and probably will be willing to spend what ever it takes to get him.
Unfortunately we neither have the money, ambition or pulling power to get him, so we might as well get used to the fact he isn’t coming here.


I’d be hugely surprised if we had an edge over too many top clubs that are interested when it comes to signing him. Also depending on where he wants to end up playing he’d probably be better off playing another 1-2 years at this level at Monaco and then move straight to his dream club.


If I was him I’d stay at Monaco another year or two before moving to Barcelona.


He isn’t a real striker, is too aimilar to a goalscorer winger. He is perfect for Real (which have ruined Bale).


Anelka stopped being fun for me when he pulled off that “reverse Nazi salute” playing for WBA. I’m sure he’s not a fan of me either.