Kieran Gibbs


best of luck to him at West Brom, hoping he does really well and gets back into the England squad, always been a big fan of Gibbs


He is better player than people suggest.
Wenger just suddenly stopped rotating between Monreal & Gibbs.

The season when he was rotating them, they were both doing very well.


honestly still don’t know why we ended up using Monreal instead of Gibbs in the first place


Good luck Gibbo Arsenal fan :wink:


Monreal did go on a very consistent form.


Always had time for Gibbs. Wasn’t a world beater but was as good as 2nd choice LB you could expect. Always content to be a squad player and never heard a peep out of him in the media and that. Loyal servant to the club and only wish him the best for the future.


He had good ability but didnt reach his potential because of our lack of defensive coaching. Pullis could do a lot for him.Hope so.


Gibbs has done well.
He’s managed to stay just North of London and go to a more ambitious club.


Poor Gibbo leaves us to join an awful WBA side who sit 19th and last won a game in the league back in August!!

Looking like their going down unless they have a dramatic change of form.


I didn’t realise they were doing that badly until I read that, 19th, wow. Can see why Pardew cancelled their Christmas party now… apparently they all ate lunch together in the canteen instead :speak_no_evil:


I should probably sell Hegazi