Julian Draxler


It’s all about the ceiling though, isn’t it? We were all pretty forgiving of Ox when we all believed he had the potential to be great, and were pretty willing to give him chances regularly.

I think most of us would be willing to put up with inconsistency if we believed the player in question could one day be top quality. I don’t watch enough foreign football to comment on Draxler specifically, but I figure that he has a lot more potential to reach the top than Ox.


Hard to predict someone’s future but what Draxler has shown so far is exactly what Ox has shown before last season.

Benefit of doubt can be given that Draxler is not motivated enough for Wolfsburg & when played for Germany, he is usually consistent.

January & lack of options will certainly make me change my mind but if we only need a quick fix rather than long term solution, we can get Brahimi from Porto.


lol, no, that’s not at all true.


I’d take a punt on him if the price wasn’t insane, but it will probably be inflated - even if you consider Iwobi, Ox, and Theo as legit wing options, we are short if Sanchez makes his striker spot permanent (and it certainly looks that way)… Ramsey possible wildcard - I’d jettison Ramsey and let Ox, Theo, Iwobi, and Drax fight it out for spots. Iwobi can certainly cameo in more central role and AW might think Drax can evolve to striker.

Having said all that, there are probably better options for us to go get.


@CunningLinguist still think people provoke AC and not other way around?

@AbouCuellar If you don’t agree with something, explain your side instead of going ‘lol, no, that’s not at all true’


Because you say shit that is just so off that it’s hard to know where to begin.

Draxler has already had one-two good season(s). Something we’re not sure Ox will achieve in his career, and likely not for Arsenal. Meanwhile, Draxler was always more advanced than Ox when they were both ‘prospects’, and is simply a more talented footballer.

There’s really just no comparison between the two. That’s why I said the comparison exists only in your mind.


Even in his good one two seasons, he has been inconsistent & frustrating.
much like Max Meyer, Draxler was quite hyped before he even kicked the ball. And having a team play you consistently helps you be ‘more advanced’ but Draxler has never put in series of performance together which should confirm that notion.

Simply put Draxler has not shown enough consistency on the field for anyone to throw their arms up in the air on any sort of comparison.


Inconsistency or no Draxler is by far the superior talent which is beyond doubt at this stage.


what’s the point of superior talent, when you can’t express it consistently?


I don’t know if he is a real talent or if the media support him to create rumors for the transfer window. Sincerly, he is a good player but without any chance to become a great player if he will not change his character.


Well Ox doesn’t have superior talent and he isn’t consistent so what’s the point in him then lol


I am acknowledging Ox’s inconsistency.


I think what Trion is saying is that it’s no use adding inconsistency to replace inconsistency.


Ox isn’t good. It’s not really a question of inconsistency or not.

That’s why I said from the beginning, the way he is framing it doesn’t have any value/is facile. Draxler is simply a better player. You can analyse it more, sure, whether Draxler is the best person to buy in this position, but I’m not really sure where Ox comes into it when Draxler is simply better any way you look at it.


You’re off the mark here Trion. Draxler would instantly improve us. Still I’d rather throw big money at a finished article but our wing options are so dire I’d literally take anyone with a sniff of talent.


I don’t watch enough of Draxler anymore to say if he would or wouldn’t improve us instantly, but I see no reason not to acquire him, if only for some depth in the #10 position which I believe he can also play competantly?


It’s ironic how the biggest Wenger lovers rate his current players/wingers whilst these unintelligent Forrest Gump players are so not Wenger-like. At least not what he bought the first 15 years in his Arsenal career.

Maybe not by Trion though who did say we needed other wingers in another thread.


Yeh I think Wenger himself knows he has too many wingers in the build of Theo and Ox. He loves having a creative player on the wing so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he suck a huge portion of our kitty into a new winger. Probably not in Jan though.


Inconsistently good is far better than inconsistently average. It’s not like Ox has one game in 5 that makes you go “wow, what a talent”, he has one game in 5 that makes you go “hey, no fuckups today, that’s progress”.

The writing is really on the wall for Ox. He’s not a Wenger type player, and he doesn’t make up for it with his other attributes so it’s probably a matter of when he goes, not if he goes.


That’s the problem though, we’re apparently discussing an extension with him and Wenger is clearly doing everything he can to give him a chance to establish himself in the first XI. So I’m so confident in him going as long as Wenger is here, just like with Ramsey. :confused: