Jordan Pickford


If they want an English keeper they should’ve just got Szczesny.


It’s only stupid money if you’re still refusing to accept the new realities of Premier League football post the new TV deal.

Great move for Pickford. Great move for Sun’lun, assuming they don’t make it back within two years and the parachute money dries up. Great move for Everton, who are just spending a now unremarkable transfer fee on a good player



I mean, it’s still a goal keeper they’re spending this money on and it’s going to end up being in the top5 of the most expensive goal keeper transfers in football.


Yep. I wouldn’t expect Joe Hart to go for 30m never mind Jordan Pickford.


A team such as Everton spending £30m on a goalkeeper, that has a career average of 18 league appearances a season, is actually quite remarkable tbh.


Joe Hart is 30 though. Everton are obviously paying for what Pickford could become rather than for what he currently is. It seems a bit crazy, but in 5 years we could look back on this transfer and see it as an absolute bargain.


To put this into perspective, Pickford is the 5th choice England keeper at present. Uncapped by his country. Plays for a team recently relegated.

Sunderland have done tremendously well to get £30m for him. Especially given England’s actual number one is probably available for a fraction of that price and would still do the job for a few seasons no doubt.


Fair points but I think a team buying Joe Hart knows exactly what they would be getting. I don’t think Joe Hart is worth 30m (probably about half that) and was using him as an example for the reasons laid out by @SRCJJ

Taking a 30m gamble (he’ll be their record transfer) on a goalkeeper is something out of the ordinary.


I think you’re probably right.
It’s an investment as well as getting a decent GK, who is very young.
In a few seasons average players are going to go for this amount, so I doubt if Everton would lose that much money even if he didn’t turn out to be world class.


If Pickford fetches 30, Woj only fetching 14 is just another example of how poor we are in the market.


Yeah I’m in complete agreement with this right now. Woj is better than Pickford but I suppose you have to take the English premium into the equation and I suppose Woj contract is supposedly close to expiry too.


Good business by Sunderland if true.


Ok well if I’ve jumped the gun it’s only by a season or two max.

How much are City about to spend on the painfully average Kyle Walker?

At least in spending ‘just’ the 30m on Pickford you can envisage them making a profit on him when he goes to United or City in a couple of years time, and the chances are fair as he’s shown tremendous qualitee in one so young

I’ve also said in another thread I think £15m for Gibbs is entirely reasonable and maybe a bit more, in this climate.

When the whole league can spend at least £30m each in one summer - and the secret is out - why mess about with low balling. Not everyone can be bothered to Arsenal their way through negotiations


It’s still very much still a case of “if” rather than “when”, I don’t think we can be sure that he’s destined for the very top.


30M for Pickford is absolutely insane and indicative of a poor scouting set up imo


Is it though? I mean it’s just like any of these other transfers really.

Firstly he’s English so you’ve got to pay dat English premium off top.

But looking at the player there’s one of genuine quality in there, he’s impressed me nearly every time I’ve watched him play and not just in the shot stopping aspect. Him getting injured definitely factored into them getting relegated IMO.

Whether he fulfils that potential is another matter but the £30mil tag includes various add ons so it won’t rise to that if he doesn’t quite turn out like they hope anyway.


I don’t think this is quite as shocking as some people are making out. They’ve needed a goal keeper for a long time and they’ve went and splurged 30 million on probably the best young keeper in the league.

If you want to address holes in your squad sometimes you have to pony up. The way things are going they are more likely to make money on this deal than lose it.


Identify a weakness, then look at the best options available, then buy that player at the start of the transfer window and don’t haggle endlessly to save a few quid.
Then go into the new season with plenty of pre season training.

Identify a weakness and wait more than four seasons to sort it out.


Feels expensive but it’s not terrible with him being 23 and very talented. Unless he suffers injury, the only thing keeping him away from the England #1 shirt will be the reputation of Joe Hart.