Jordan Pickford


Pickford looks very talented, but to be the GK of a lower team like Stoke is different than to be a GK of a top team which don’t receive 20/30 shots per game.

In my humble opinion Pickford has been very good, but is Cech a better player. Two decisive shots, two great saves.

I’m with Arsène, we don’t need another GK, especially with this Cech, with a Szczesny ready to come back and Martinez.


Pickford top of the list to replace Szczesny and Ospina.


he needs a one year loan away if we did sign him, he’s not ready yet


This would be a good signing.
He can learn a lot from Cech, who was one of the best GK’s in Europe, and still get games in the LC and Europa League.
He is probably the best young GK in the PL and if Szczesney both Ospina leave we need a keeper to replace them.
With the 14m we’ll get for Szczesney, Pickford isn’t going to cost that much more.


Sunderland want £30m




What they want is a lot different to what they’ll get.
I think it’ll be nearer 20m, unless Real Madrid start showing an interest in him.


I’m sure he would much rather force a move away to something better than Stoke. Eeesh. Not sure what his contract situation is like though.


Would love it! Young promising keeper.


Would fit right in with the obsession for English players Wenger seems to have developed.


Nothing wrong with acquiring players from the Country your team plays in lol.


If those players actually added something sure. Not too say Pickford won’t, but how many of the English talents we had over the past five years are actually good going great?


Let’s expand that question. How many English players for that category at all?

If we want a 25 man squad we’ve got to have 8 home grown and for the most part those will be English so its a trade off we don’t get too wrong imo…at least no worse than other teams anyway.

That said, would still prefer to keep Ches over pickford


Thats not exclusive to just our English contingent though is it.
Enland doesnt have a monopoly on poor players playing for Arsenal.


I do feel like our English players have been more overhyped, and have been a bigger disappointment because of that, than the foreigners. That doesn’t give the most confidence in a possible signing of Pickford. Who probably is going to be Cech successor if we sign him.




That’s so much money for a relegated goalkeeper!


Fair enough.
I did mean us but I must admit I didn’t think any club would pay that sort of money for a young GK with potential.
Maybe Everton are more ambitious than us.


£30m is still a huge amount for a keeper, even in this inflated market. Sunderland have done very well if they get that.


Everton are even worse at negotiations than we are!