January 2018 Transfers


They’ll be perhaps the most credible title challengers to Man City next season if they can improve their ‘keeper in the summer



Fucking bollocks. We are not getting Aubameyang. Dirty Wenger cheating on us again.


Still think they aren’t good an enough defensively tbh, even adding VVD isn’t going to solve their issues over night.


Aubameyang would be a poor signing


Auba? Plz no


I don’t think so really, still has a lot to give.

Still a player in his prime years and would be the ideal replacement for Sanchez, we should of course be looking to sign the likes of Malcom as well.


I trust my eyes over Balague any day of the week. Malcolm’s been photographed in London with his agent.


You can tell when Wenger is in trouble, we start to hear all the rumours about all the players he is after.
Players he could and should have bought ages ago but he chose to persist with what he had, or dithered too much and didn’t get them.

The least proactive manager in Europe and the reason we are in this mess.

This is why he hates transfer windows.
He hasn’t got a clue what he is doing and ends up embarrassing the club.


Reactionary bigot. Start to panic again.




He’s better than Lacazette


Sorry chums, did I miss the time when Aubameyang became shit? Or at least so shit that Arsenal fans would say no? I don’t think I’ve bothered to watch a Dortmund game this year but his goal return hasn’t seemed to let up for 2.5 years now.




Auba and Malcolm would be a great addition to the current team, maybe than can persuade Ozil to stay.


We are signing fucking no-one. Should be a good player for us.


This is the same forums where back in 2008, people were saying Adebeyor was better than Eto’o (when we were linked with Eto’o) and Yaya Toure was shit.

So no surprise people would think Aubamayang isn’t good enough.


Literally could sign Messi and all I’d wonder is how quickly and in what way Wenger would ruin them.


Personally, I don’t see the point in making an expensive deal for a 28 year old when the squad will still be far off. He’s the type of signing you make a year or so ago in order to maximise Ozil & Alexis whilst we had them and really try to do something (like Juve signing Higuain to try and get the most out of the last seasons of BBC). Not the signing you make when you’re trying to rebuild a squad that is in terrible shape.

Fact is he’s on or near the down slope of the age curve for a forward.


The thing is though even when you’re attempting to rebuild you still need a couple of quality more experienced players to lead the way with consistent stand out performances.

It can’t be a massive overhaul and restructure with just youth with glimmering potential.

Even if we can get three years out of him it would be worth it and at his age he’s still in his prime years as a footballer.