January 2018 Transfers



Are you making a gay joke? Really? It’s 2018. Can we not?


Is it derogatory towards gay people? I would match your really, with a, this offends you, really really??


I missed a good gay joke? :frowning:


I’m not offended… just sad.


Sad why? Maybe I’m not like most people but I wouldn’t be sad if someone made a joke about having sex missionary position. Is that a crazy idea? I honestly don’t understand it lol if you’d care to explain?


But they don’t do they? Because being straight isn’t funny, which is why I don’t understand why being gay is.

Forget about it, I’m just grumpy.


You need some coffee


I would disagree. Sex jokes in general are prevalent. I’ve seen jokes about missionary sex (being boring) blow job jokes, ect all in the right context. Besides butt sex isn’t just a gay thing anyways.


Sounds like anal went wrong.


Salah already being linked with Real Madrid lmao :joy: Imagine if he only made it 6 months at lolpool and was snapped up by Madrid.


Hopefully Real Madrid sign Hazard, Kane & Salah in the summer.


And Wenger.


Plus De Gea

Then watch Real Madrid finish 4th :wenger:


Aren’t they already 4th :rofl:


Think one more season and then he’s gone.


As well as Pochettino.


I actually have a deal in place to sign Pavon in January on my FM save because Iwobi and Pulisic are being lil bitches and demanding moves to bigger clubs despite me being unbeaten for a season and a halfs worth of league games and doing well in Europe.

So unfortunately at this point I am not able to provide a lengthy analysis or ringing endorsement like I am with Malcom.

Does demonstrate just how ahead of the curve I am when it comes to scouting though.



Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are all interested in signing Hoffenheim’s Nadiem Amiri, according to Sport Bild.

The report suggests one of the trio of Premier League teams will make a move to sign the 21-year-old in the summer, with Amiri holding a €17 million release fee in his contract.

Sport Bild suggest he could be Mesut Özil’s eventual successor at Arsenal, but they also go on to state that Tottenham have been chasing the youngster since the summer, and seem to be in pole position.