January 2018 Transfers


Get 3 for the price of 2. The cheapest of them is free.


Guess we have to buy, then :thinking:. Our midfield would be fucking short.


Have we been linked with Draxler yet? It’s not a proper transfer window until that happens!


Arsedevils sounds like a dodgy website tbh :joy:

Good player?


Malcom > Lemar as Sánchez replacement, no?


Well Malcom seems like a true winger for one.


With Chamberlain already gone, and Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott and Coquelin maybe going, either in this window or the next, that is a lot of replacing to do.

Is Wenger the man to do it?


Don’t forget Benzema.
No transfer window would be the same without links to Benzema and Draxler.

Maybe Wenger will buy both, just to shut the persistent rumours up :grinning:


Yeah, some cheap greek players coming in :smile:

Apart from joke, let’s hope Gazidis and our new scout can do Wenger’s job.



Probably, but Malcom will probably drive you insane by his third game.


Like Sanchez did for me…so nothing new.


We’ll buy Pavon or Malcom to replace Sanchez when we sell him this month but they won’t get any minutes until next season lol


I read Boca wants to keep for the Copa Libertadores. Final of the Copa is in november…


Arsenal may have chosen the replacement for Alexis Sanchez, but it’s not the huge name some fans perhaps expect.

How can any Arsenal supporter take an article seriously that has the line:
“but it’s not the huge name some fans perhaps expect.”

When has any Arsenal supporter ever expected a huge name?


How come? Never seen him play in an actual game.


Guess because he is black.


He is a player with blinders (not sure if correct english word). Head down and run, run, run and not every move is successful. Can be his youthfullness.




He’s calling Cuellar racist. Anyways has his head down running towards goal and loses the ball a lot, sounds a lot like Dembele from BVB. But when it works it makes you look good. That’s the type of player that as long as the goals and assists are there will go for to 100m + in the matket today.