January 2018 Transfers


Problems run much deeper than just the back-line. A defensive coach isn’t going to solve that.


That won’t work because since he’s such a control freak even when he’s “delegating” it’s still essentially him that’s coaching.

Also getting players from an organised system and putting them together in the same team would lead to the exact same shit we see here week in week out, I’d liken it to what Hodgson attempted with most of the Spurs team being in the England squad at the Euro’s.

They might have well have been Oompa-Loompas.


Ligue 1 side Bordeaux have opened discussions with Serbian forward and Newcastle United man Aleksandar Mitrovic’s entourage, Les Girondins are pessimistic about an eventual agreement because of how much a deal would likely cost.

— Mohamed Bouhafsi (@mohamedbouhafsi) 8 januari 2018

Hehehe. Bouhafsi tweeting in English for all the Arsenal fans. Although Mitrovic and Malcom don’t play the same position.


Not ready yet.


I don’t think we lost VVD to Liverpool, so much as they’d already won him a season ago. Not sure we were ever in the race there by the accounts I’ve seen.

Evans is largely better than what we have, but any defender can be quickly made to appear weaker in a Wenger team


25 mill on a 30 year old Evans ? :rofl::rofl::rofl: fuck that. Just go spend 50 million on a top European centre back that’s not in the EPL.


25m is nothing though, especially for a club making a profit so far this season.

If you send this club to Europe with a bag of money they come home with Gabriel and Mustafi. We’ve clearly tried and failed to scout top quality in this position so I wouldn’t mind taking a safer bet on a defender known to be not shit.


Don’t do it Thomas :joy:


We need to get players to not leave our next manager in a mess.


I would be interested to see how much we would pay for him and how much they would take.

I mean it seems to be taken as gospel that we had a £92m bid accepted for him, so how on earth do you negotiate with a club for a player that you had that accepted for, knowing that you’re not going to offer it (or anywhere near it) again?

Maybe his form has dipped but he’s not in his last 6 months or anything. I dunno how you go from “we’ll give you £92m” to “we’ll give you £42m”?


What about, “we’ll go from 92m to 42m and £1.”


Although you are possibly right.
How bad have things got where this sentence could be true?

Imagine next season.
Evans is our best CB and Ramsey is our best midfielder.
That could actually happen.

A glowing reference indeed :grinning:


We should purchase Kelechi Iheanacho.
Not doing well at Leicester so his transfer fee may not be as high.


West Ham are really going all out on the “sexy football” front.

They want two, shall we throw in Theo for free?


It’s Arsedevils again :gabriel: Save yourself the agony and don’t click on it.


Yeah that was one of the worst articles ever.

Lemar, Vasquez and Zaha are the world class players he’s talking about :joy::joy::joy: Only Aubameyang comes close and even then it’s debatable


Arsedevil? Is that site for both Arsenal and Manu?


Yep, that is exactly what it is. It’s horrendous.


Haha man, for non football fans, Arsedevils would sound so wrong.


Time to get the ban hammer