January 2018 Transfers




That Malcolm stuff is promising. Any more news on that front?

Mahrez to Liverpool doesn’t make much sense as @Maxi_Gooner says. Paying that much for Mahrez and not playing him on the right is a weird one. Doubt there’s much truth to it. There are other options out there for Liverpool.


If the money goes to big talents like Malcom or Pavon (don’t know anything about Pavon tho) I wouldn’t mind him spending.


Evans update…

Malcom rumour has died a bit. I think we have to sell Walcott and/or Sanchez first.


25 million for Evans?! If they are going to pay that price for the ‘experienced’ defender surely on the European mainland there is a player out there who is as good, if not better, for less money.

I think we’re going to here about Malcom, or any other winger, if Sanchez is gone. Not sooner. This could drag itself into the summer, if we don’t agree a fee with City this month.


Look, they know we are desperate for a signing so they ask crazy money for him. I understand them.


Isn’t that the same model that we all don’t like? Why pay the EPL premium, when you can get cheaper abroad?

In today’s market £25m for an experienced PL defender isn’t bad at all.


Oh yeah. I don’t doubt that we will make at least one transfer which would make people think this player for that money.

According to Cross we’re looking too off load Coquelin. West Ham would be keen.


25 million for a player who probably reached his peak and will be on his decline, he will be 31 or 32 during next season, is stupid money imo.

Ask Atletico if Godin is available or something like that.


I disagree. I think Evans is better than all of our current centre backs, except Koscielny.


Well. That’s not so hard :wink:.

James Olley reporting Arsenal want 40 million for Sanchez. We’ll probably sell him at 20-25.


Hold out for at least £50m or keep at the off chance we clinch 4th/EL.


I am not sold on Evans. It feels like another Gallas/Sylvestre situation to me. I’ve had enough of that.


Emergency situation though. I am ok with him as long as we buy another CB and younger in the summer.


I rather we give Holding more chances.
It is a flop of a season anyway. Lets just test if the youngsters we have are any good.


But if that happened he would fucking owe Arsenal money.


Mavropanos is written off already :smile:?


That’s that Greek boy right?


We are supposedly a top European club.
We are one of the most profitable clubs in Europe.
We have a manager and board that tell us they are ambitious.
Wenger says he will only buy "super quality."
He also says he will only buy players that are better than the ones we have.
We have a defence that look like as organised as a pub team.

Kos clearly has injury problems and is not the player he was.
Mertesacker is retiring.
Mustafi might leave.
Holding and Chambers aren’t ready for the first team.

So we need a top quality CB.

Liverpool were in a similar position and go for a top quality player, VVD.

What do we do?
Go for Jonny Evans.

This is a perfect illustration in the gulf in ambition between the two clubs.

As a club we are a complete shambles.


Either Wenger learns to coach defenders (or delegate it to one who can) or he should buy ALL defenders from any good organised team. That way he can send them out with just “play as you used to”-attitude.