January 2018 Transfers


“We only look at super quality”.


Do you want another Debuchy or Elneny?


Then gives Walcott an extension ‘he is like a new signing’ :henry2:


Relax mate. I was only kidding. It was just to say Wenger always promises something, but then we get shit.


will be told they tried ‘but there was no quality in the market’


The only transfer I want is our cunt of a manager transferred out of our club


What is his shirt number? Should be called GB#


Yeah but they’ve been shit for 10 years and their management knows it and tries to change that, while we have been shit for 10 years but somebody upstairs reckons they’ve been top notch.


I’ve been saying this for a while, everybody is moving forward, we are stagnating. The longer this prick stays at the top, the further adrift we will get from top competitive football and the harder it will be to get back in.


What confuses/annoys me is the owners. We all used to say “as long as we get top 4 and are in the Champions League they’ll be happy”. But now we’re even outsiders to achieve that! How can this be OK? Seems like we over rated them and gave them too much credit.


I am sure Board & Wenger are looking forward to take steps to be competitive.
There is a wage issue which needs to be sorted in next few months.

That said, don’t expect 90m defender. Our profit margins are not that high to afford it.


Given that we only spent £46.5m in the summer I’m struggling to believe there isn’t much money available. Where does all our money go then lol


The LA Rams and Kroenkes ranch.


I know you’re probably joking but I have OCD about seeing this and immediately having to dispel it as false.


Good news is that he can’t do that in the NFL since the teams have the same salary cap (budget) to spend with.

His ranch on the other hand…


You’re right.
The 8m a season wages that Wenger gets should be performed related.


“Will we be out there to do something? Yes we will”

When Wenger comes out wit this well used line, just remember he used a similar line just before he sold Cesc and Nasri.
He also said the same before he bought the hugely successful Kim Kallstrom.

Don’t believe a word he says.


Getting Kallstrom in is doing something in fairness. I mean it was obviously a bit pointless but technically wasn’t a lie.


But it was certainly misleading.
Something that Wenger is very good at.


I’d rather he didn’t spend any of our money anyway.