January 2018 Transfers


Not on one window, but you can certainly judge a team over a decade worth of transfer windows.


At least they are in the CL.

But you can judge a team on several transfer windows, and ours are the worst of any top team in Europe,


You’re on :+1:


If you’re talking about Milan - they are not. They’re floundering in the mid table falling as low as 12th recently.


In previous transfer windows we always used to hear Wenger say, we will only buy "super quality or players that are better than the ones we already have.

If his rule still applies, then I assume he will wait until the end of this season before he says it again, because after Ozil and Sanchez have left it will be easy and cheap to get better players than we already have.


I think he mucked up talking about Liverpool when Maxi was reffering to Milan.


IMO he is rubbish, i do not understand why Zizou rates him so high.


Feels like I’ve been watching the same team for years, just want to see someone new signed like Mahrez or Fekir, even Zaha who is an exciting dribbler. Just someone to inject some positive energy


He doesn’t though does he? He’s basically the water boy for Real.

And no I don’t want him.


He is frequently used as a late sub. Somehow like giroud for us.


Don’t hold your breath anyone

“Greek boy”. I guess he isn’t even bothering to learn his player’s names now.


“Greek boy quite good in training”.


Please no! He’s a kind of player that can do ok in a team like Real, where his team mates are all WC. How would he ever be a game changer for us with the team we field.


To be fair I would stick with Greek boy as well until he does enough to warrant memorising his name.


Marvo-pa-nos…his name is not that difficult.


I think it would be easier if we just call him GB.


Oh thanks.
Got it. :stuck_out_tongue:



Hehe, you got it wrong so it might be more difficult than you think, it is Mavropanos! :stuck_out_tongue: