January 2018 Transfers


So we don’t get him.


Mahrez could perform the CM role especially in their system having the freedom to move wherever.

Playing him there doesn’t help us at all.


Well. I hope you’re right.

Mahrez does come from the right with Leicester if I’m not mistaken. Albrighton plays the left flank.


Yes, Mahrez plays on the right, same role as Salah.


Suicide plan to give him a CM role as Coutinho or Ozil.


No it really isn’t.

He’s not a stupid player and as I said he would have freedom to roam, this isn’t Chamberlain attempting to play CM.


We’ll see. I don’t want to claim this is a perfect move for ~50 million or that they have a perfect squad, they need a goalkeeper, defender and midfielder. But in the end this move does makes them stronger in stead that it harms them I think.


How can Liverpool be spending like that whilst we dick around? Surely they cannot be that much richer if at all? Are they a more attractive club?

Seriously gonna get left behind for the top 4 race at this rate for seasons to come untill we change our approach in the market.

Actually winds me up that a club like Liverpool can be making more waves than us.


With this kind of signing I feel the gap between Arsenal and top clubs is getting even bigger. City, Liverpool, Tottenham in the domestic league and Munich, PSG, Barcelona, Madrid and juventus overseas are way ahead of us, everytime they make a move they get way stronger while we move one step backwards every season.


Liverpool have said they aren’t interested in Mahrez now haha


Makes sense, as ome others have mentioned, he plays the same position as some other top players they have.

Mahrez needs space to shine, playing as CM or a AMC won’t help him settle, he offers nothing there. He is strong as an inside forward on the right.


Scored one goal for them. Against us in August lol


Twenty quid says he’s not even at the club following the next managers appointment?


They are a very, very, very similar club to us. We could be doing it too. But, ya know, Wenger…


Well to be fair the waves are probably built on that they’re unwillingly selling their best (arguably) play maker to Barca and need to get something in return.


Whilst we are losing our two best players in the summer and will be getting nothing in return.


Can’t see us finishing below Burnley, tbh.



Even if they did finish behind us, which I doubt, they have had a transfer window that beats any window we have had.
They might have lost a top quality player, which is something we are very used to, but they have bought two top quality players with the money.
When do we ever do that?

Our transfer windows are dismal and predictable.


Even AC Milan had a better transfer window than us because signed one of the best CBs in the World, a very good LB, a promising african midfielder and a young and promising striker who plays for Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Where are them? Out of the CL race in October.

You can’t judge a team on the transfer window.