January 2018 Transfers


If we actually do get Malcolm i would be happy tho, i think he looks better than Mahrez.


There they are, no messing around. Sorting all their business out at the start of the window. While our manager will probably fuck off to Liberia before putting in a half-arsed bid for someone.

Looking forward to Mahrez kicking the ground running and Wenger coming out saying, “yes we were interested but there was no time to get a deal done”.

Mahrez practically begged to join us last year. Fucking joke.


Wenger is ruining this club lol

Honestly when he leaves I’m gonna have a week long party :joy::joy:


Until Steve Bould gets a ten year contract.


Tbf. I don’t know if we put a bid in, but if Leicester were asking for 40+ million pounds I’m not mad for not pulling the trigger on that one in the summer. And it seems the only reason he’s still in Leicester is Leicester playing hard ball.


Can’t do any worse can he? Hah


makes you honestly wonder though who our next manager will be, god help us if he is actually worse than wenger.


I’ll remind you that you said that :joy:


I don’t know. Apparently we offered £35m and Mahrez himself confirmed there was contact with Arsenal, but he said he respected Leicester and didn’t want to push too hard for a move. If we’d tried hard enough we could have got him.


Mahrez would be great here, especially as Sanchez replacement.

It’s as if Wenger is just watching everyone else complete their business and waiting to then buy up all the players that Stoke, Watford and Everton don’t want.

Does he actually ever have a plan on any desire to strengthen or is he just happy to sell our best players and replace them with a few cheap players from inferior leagues?

How is it that Liverpool and Everton are getting all their business done early and we are sitting around doing nothing waiting until the end of the window for Wenger to come out with all the old excuses?


So in a season in which Liverpool have sold their most coveted player for the 2nd highest world record fee we face the prospect of losing our coveted players for fuck all.

Not only that they’ve signed VVD and we’re looking at Jonny Evans, plus they have Keita and now perhaps Mahrez incoming.

One club is actively trying to push on despite losing one of their best players and the other is a plaything of a dinosaur that’s soon to be extinct.


Malcom would be great as well. He is winger with trickery, something we don’t have atm.



Quite a good move for Olympiakos. Liked him some years ago as player.


I don’t understand why the people are massive fan of Mahrez at Arsenal [especially why the tactic is the back three system] and are clapping Klopp to have signed him.

Liverpool are spending 50M for a player who isn’t a mezzala as Coutinho, never played on the left as Coutinho, hasn’t the right qualities to be a trequartista. He plays on the right, where Salah is playing this season.

They are spending 50M for a player who plays into a role over covered by one of the best players we have seen this season, plus Manè, Chamberlain and maybe Adam Lallana.

This deal looks like a Football Manager career. Sometimes I sign a player thanks to the huge budget, but after half hour I start to think what a fuck I did.

Only the morons, in this case Arsenal fans, can be angry for that.


I am not a massive fan of Mahrez, but in this 3-4-3 where the two attacking midfielders/wingers have a lot of freedom to operate; a player like Mahrez can do a good job with that. Especially on the short term and Arsenal can look for players for future in the mean team. I’ve always seen Mahrez as a good stop gap option. But I like I said Arsenal shouldn’t pay more then 30 million for him.

We shouldn’t view Mahrez as a direct replacement for Coutinho. It’s still unclear what Klopp is going to do with the midfield anyway with Keita coming in and Can leaving. A player like Mahrez however adds quality on the pitch and indepth. Having the opportunity too rotate three guys like that is a big plus.


I don’t think they spent 50M for a squad player. They will play with him on the right, Salah on attack and will finish behind us this season.


Mahrez could easily fit into a midfield three for Liverpool with the freedom to roam, I imagine he’ll be performing a similar to role to Continho was.

It’s definitely a good signing, Liverpool will have enough pace to make your head spin.


Mahrez as mezzala? Please Klopp, do that, I want to return to play UCL football. :pray:t3:


Liverpool aren’t finishing 7th