January 2018 Transfers


Better to ask someone who watches Ligue 1. As I’ve never seen him play just know his name


scores some seriously beautiful long strikes…other than that i dont know what he is like


Maybe the injury to Kos isn’t going to be sorted out as quickly as we thought.
Liverpool get VVD and we get Evans.



We’d never sign someone so highly touted on football manger under the old transfer policy. Mislintat is a football hipster of the highest order, this has his finger prints all over it, I like it.


Wenger would told him to pass :wenger2:


I’m not sure about Evans as a player, but a player in his early 30s fits well with the time frame of developing Chambers, Holding and Mavro. If you want to put any egg in the basket of one of those three players that is.

@Darkseid @SRCJJ rumours regarding De Vrij are he is waiting for Barcelona to put an offer in.


Delofeu is s really bang average player, wouldn’t want him here at all.


I wouldn’t be surprised if so as they need a CB especially to partner Umtiti long term.


Mane maybe, the rest No. Salah is in a purple patch but is very limited. VVD makes countless positioning mistakes and has never played in a high line before.

If we did actually get Malcolm, big if, he’d be better than any of their signings.


Where did Bruno actually report it though? Nothing on his own feed as far as I can see.


Is Salah going to be one of those Harry Kane purple patches people go on about on here ?


There is. There are a couple of tweets. One here:

I published last week that Arsenal entered the fray by former Corinthians Malcolm. Today I hear that the talks are progressing well


Goal.com is actually becoming somewhat of a source? First Wheatley with Mavro and now this guy is called reliable (works for goal apparantly) :grinning:.


Crunchsports or gtfo


I think they cleaned a lot of the old guys out, can’t remember who used to write a lot about Arsenal for them but he’s definitely gone.


Mahrez Firmino Manè Salah :fire:


Oh wow, it’s not just l’equipe.


Wow. Imagine already having the replacement for the key player you are losing already lined up.

What absolute noobs. Don’t they know they have to spend weeks embroiled in speculation, during which they should underbid for their target, quadrupling his price tag, before pulling out at the last minute, trying to use your failed attempts to sign the guy as proof that you tried and then getting Kim Källström out of retirement on a six week rolling contract, in the process angering your fanbase more than if you’d actually signed nobody.


Pretty gutted not to get Mahrez tbh. Guy wanted to join us for two years yet we didn’t just buy him.

Fucking amateur hour constantly at arsenal