January 2018 Transfers




“Struggle to get in the team” Why does Sky emily such shit pundits


As in we put all our eggs in the hunger index basket.


Tbf he’s only ever on Soccer Saturday which is probably where he was asked the question



That would be an interesting question.
At the end of the season, who will be our most valuable player, and how much is he worth?


We probably couldn’t even sell our entire first XI for £142m!


With dembele and Philiphe he will not play, barcelona will offload him. And you know, the boss loves bargains coming from Spain.


You don’t spend that much on a player, and then don’t play him. He’ll play, and he’ll play a lot.


He’s saying Delefeou won’t play.


Forgot that guy even played for them. Seemed clear for years that they didn’t rate him.


Delofeu is a poor player, no way any club at the top end will even consider him. He’s lucky if he stays at Barça until the summer


That’s the reason why i do hate the Scousers: so fucking annoying and cocky.


And they never learn from the past? :wink:




Per retiring, Koscielny close to falling apart and Monreal ageing, let’s sign a 30 year old CB.


:wenger: :wenger: :wenger: :wenger: :wenger:


It’s not a popular opinion, but I really rate Evans. I’d be happy if we bought him.


Could probably get de Vrij for a similar price or cheaper in this window.

As always our transfer approach is a shambles.