January 2018 Transfers


What I wouldn’t give to have a top manager managing the club to make best use of these new staff hirings.


Stupid summation


Good buy no?


Think he’d be a good addition. Powerful midfielder.

An upgrade on Coquelin (and maybe Xhaka?)


Turns 29 in 10 days.


Quality player but don’t think he is kind of midfielder that suits Arsenal.


Oh he definitely is, would be a major asset to any top team tbh.


I don’t think this will happen because it’d mean one of 2 things. Firstly the plan for post-Ozil is N’zonzi and Xhaka behind Ozil. The second would be Xhaka is being benched/offloaded. We won’t be spending that money unless he’s going to get serious game time.


If signing N’Zonzi means no more Coquelin then i’m all for it


Solid player, surely better than Coquelin and Xhaka. I’d take him.



What was that? A tyre company?


Too old


Same can be said for Matic but he’s still doing his thing and having a big impact for United.

A player that’s 29 still has more than a few prime years at the top particularly if their conditioning is on point.


Same age as Arteta when he signed. You’ll probably get a couple of good years and a couple of crap/average years.

I’m not actually sure how good N’Zonzi is. I’ve seen a bit at Sevilla but didn’t pay much attention to Stoke. He’s obviously got physicality which would be useful and looks good in possession. How will he handle a move to a big club and the required step up in class? Especially one with big gaps between defense and midfield and forwards


He’s very, very good and hugely comfortable in possession and under pressure, he can pass all day as well.

Unlike Arteta he has more athleticism in addition to his defensive nous and already knows the league, he’d be a very good option for us considering we have no real DM of quality in the squad.

Don’t see it happening though.


If that’s the case and he’s genuinely fallen out with the coach I could see it happening with him probably being available below his release clause. We like opportunistic buys.




LOL hahahahaha


Personally I feel that 28/29 is the prime age for a CM if you want them to come in and have an immediate impact.