January 2018 Transfers


That has nothing to do with the legal side, but with players who have probably other better options than Arsenal to maybe win a League/Champions League. And Arsenal simply can’t provide that. Coquelin, Giroud, Koscielny and Chambers f.e. all extended their contracts recently, because their ceiling is Arsenal.


Ozil and Sanchez both had the opportunities to the cl with two of the worlds best teams and did not.

Ozil going to Man U isn’t going to make that likely, Sanchez to Man City isn’t going to make that likely either, maybe the Pl yeah.


Wenger is 68 something anyway. In 2-3 years, he will retire most likely; so whether it is to phase out Wenger or prepare for life post Wenger, the motivation simply isn’t important. The changes are necessary.

You lot forget that Wenger is a manager. As much as we like to believe he is some tyrant dictating terms in Arsenal, he isn’t the one who is supposed to identify & hire people.


Can definitely see Man City winning the CL soon? Only PSG or Barca in their way at the moment on form.


They are up there with there early season form, which might not translate to late season form or form in forthcoming years. They are a decent bet to win the CL with though, top 5 in Europe.


Conversion of Arsenal backroom staff in his tenure has been pretty much non-existent until recently. Brady, Rice, Rowley, Banfield, Colbert, Peyton, Primorac all have been at Arsenal for a very long time. Is it so strange to think that has a lot to do with Wenger?


How does that conflict with what I have said?

Arsene Wenger is definitely the final authority over footballing matters; but why would the entire management bend over to let Wenger hire the other management position as well.
If there was a need to hire someone, it is responsibility of Gazidis or his predecessor.

Arsene Wenger is not HR.


I don’t think Wenger is going out and finding people and talking them into the job but regarding things like scouting and transfer/contract negotiation Wenger definitely had a massive say over who gets hired in those departments because this comes under the remit of footballing matters and he has to work with them closely for a long period of time. Wasn’t confirmed he was on the interview panel Gazidis?

Hopefully that’s changing now


People creating they own narrative:facepalm:

Unless you are sitting in the back office we do not know shit. How do they know that this isn’t to make sure that wenger just okays things then gets back to focusing more on matters in the pitch.


These moves might not be meant to discard of Wenger or limit his control right now, but you really can’t deny Gazidis and whoever works with him on these moves is creating a foundation to build upon for a future after Wenger? Hence making us less dependent on Wenger. We had nobody, but Wenger, in the management structure with apparent experience in (European) football and now we have two people who have worked for two of the fifteen biggest club in European football for the past ~10 years.


Which is exactly how it should be?
We can only look at how United suffered with departure of Ferguson.


How does one failure justify another? It’s good we’re making these moves, but they should’ve been done years ago, and Wenger should’ve been sacked/forced out years ago.


Looks like Maxi Romero will finally move to Europe, will apparently sign for Stuttgart in January.


It’s obviously not the best source but I can definitely see a club like Everton being interested with their forward line and there’s no good reason we wouldn’t be open to selling him.


Couple of magic beans will come in handy.


Please. Pleeeeease. Sorry @Arsenal4thetreble :man_shrugging: :kissing_heart:


Maxi Romero will sign for Stuttgart. Was previously very close to signing for Arsenal before rupturing his cruciate, @Feche spoke very highly of him on the old forum.


Some interesting quotes in here.

Why start at Arsenal in the middle of the season?

You have to leave your old club cleanly and start at the new one with a bit of time. October, November, December are the best times. It’s the quietest time for transfers. You’re there to build a portfolio (of targets) and it isn’t yet (the time for) decision-making.

In future will you look at different markets than up until now?

Definitely in England, where we haven’t closely looked at Dortmund, other than at youth level. The Premier League is my ‘local market’ now. Beyond that it depends on conversations with Arsene and the sporting needs of the club. Which qualities, characters should we sign? Which replacements are needed? Which contracts are expiring? Firstly I need to figure out how things currently stand and learn the philosophy to exactly deliver Arsene what is needed.

The conflict with Thomas Tuchel incited your departure from Dortmund. With hindsight, are you thankful?

There are a lot of things I’d have preferred not to happen. The same probably goes for Thomas Tuchel. Ultimately, it harmed all of us.

Which transfers didn’t come to fruition and left you annoyed?

The trouble between Tuchel and myself was ignited over Oliver Torres from Atletico Madrid. He’s a genius in possession and I wanted to sign him. For me he’s one of the best ‘numbers eights’ with the ball, he orientates himself excellently, albeit with small weaknesses. For me, with half a year to prepare, he was the perfect Ilkay Gundogan replacement.

Óliver was a guy Ted Knutson picked out as a suitable target for us during the summer.



Yeah, it might not be hyperbole at all to say this guy is the club’s biggest signing since Özil.


However it also might be