January 2018 Transfers


It depends on what a head of youth is expected to so as to whether he’s qualified or not. Figurehead, talk to families, sell the club, deal with agents. I’d have no worries about Per doing any of that. If he was directly involved in the coaching it might be a bit outside his area but I think Brady was always more about the other stuff. I suspect Per will do that stuff and there will hopefully be a head of youth coaching also employed.


Just get a few young gems like they do and it will be a good start… we can’t compete on just transfers, so we have to rely on development and youth acquisition more than the bigger clubs.


If these kind of job reponsibilities go for every head of youth at English academies no wonder they suck :stuck_out_tongue:.


For the 83rd transfer window in a row, we’re linked with Draxler


Draxler… :santi:


“Exploring” means we are not getting him. You know how it works at Arsenal.


No not him again.


Oh boy here we go



Wenger the voyeur lads :wenger:


Hope we’re there enquiring about Rabiot instead lol


… Ozil out, Draxler in?

I don’t like that, if it comes to fruition.

I really don’t want to lose Ozil in the winter. Unless it ensures that he doesn’t move to Manchester United.


Sophia Bush :heart_eyes:


Gazidis in the process assembling a dream team of backroom technical staff


i have been saying that Gazidis has more pulling power than peple think and does a lot behind the scenes which he gets no credit for. He was a major player for getting the MLS started the guy knows what he is doing but wenger stifles his work that is why he wants him gone, i dont think him and wenger like each other much. Once we get wenger gone you will likely see things vastly improve quite sharpish.


Signing a new chief scout and effectively a director of football says we are making an effort to step up our signing game, but as someone in the comments say, still probably pointless as long as the business model stays the same.

I guess I put my hope in the idea that he walks in with Barca swagger, Mislintat under his one arm and smelling like Neymar’s hair gel and convinces the board that we need to up our spending game if we want to stay relevant as long as FFP is a farce.


Clearly trying to reduce Wenger’s power.


If we were scouting and buying well you could probably put together a competitive team with how much we spend. I could accept our shitty business model if that was the case.


Sounds like the wheels are fully in motion on the “preparing for life after Wenger” train.

I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.



I’m not sure what his responsibilities were at Barcelona, just too close deals for players who were pointed out by coaches and scouts or more expansive including picking players, but their transfer dealings has been mixed over the past 5-8 years or so.


From the mail:

His job at the club was never to pinpoint targets. Txiki Begiristain and Andoni Zubizarreta illed that role before Robert Fernandez took the mantle but Sanllehi was always handed the baton when the deal had to be pushed over the line. Arsenal’s notorious inability to do just that will be boosted if Sanllehi arrives although it will be a challenge for his charms to do something about Arsene Wenger’s tendency towards procrastination.

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So I guess this clarifies the roles for Sanllehi and Mislintat @arsenescoatmaker. Unless he’ll negotiate a bigger role for himself at Arsenal.