January 2018 Transfers


He also had been given a bigger role this summer in management I think. Or at least another title (Director professional football). I wonder if they sign him to re-structure the football side of the club for after Wenger. According to transfermarkt.com Markus Pilawa has been appointed as Chiefscout of Dortmund since 1 january 2017.


Mr George Graham?
He was good but not that good.


Its for his football education, he wont be the complete footballer until wenger shows him duties in other areas!


Mario Gomez Garcia. :wink:


Don’t you start with your gay love for him :xhaka:


Says the guy searching Google for shirtless MGG pics. :giroud3::henry2:


It was just to take the piss out of you :hipster:


It’s official, now we have someone named Sven


Starts in December, just in time for a January sweep!


Zorc too possibly


it actually does sound like we are getting an overhaul and i tell ya what wenger is not going to like it, so i guess this could be his last contract because he wants to be in charge of all of this stuff.


Sven and Zorc? We’re being Germanified.


Ze BVB fans are gutted about losing Sven.



Doubt we’ll ever be in for Tuchel


Doubt we’ll see anything change. We won’t sign top tier talent. We haven’t for really really long.


Last ones with the potential were Theo and ox but neither in their youth were at the level of some of Dortmund and monacos youngsters.


Interesting developments. I thought when Gazidis moved into his new office it did signify something might be shifting and perhaps the reason he stuck about was because Kroenke had given him some assurances too. Hopefully this all works out to the long term benefit of the club.


Hope he is a great asset to the club going forward but for the foreseeable future it’s still Wenger that will be pulling the trigger or rather failing to pull the trigger on his recommendations, so can’t say I’m over the moon at this moment.


It helps that Rowley, Law are in and around their 60s :laughing:. They weren’t here for a lot longer anyway.


Obviously not, but I see this as Arsenal working at a future after Wenger. Even if I have doubts about Mertesacker as head of youth (what exactly qualifies him?). I guess you have too give them the benefit of the doubt. We don’t, or shouldn’t, expect these appointments to change things in two years or so. We’re going to have a transition period.