January 2018 Transfers


I don’t know everything, you Croydon tit.



You don’t replace an Audi with a Corsa do you?


Is Meyer doing well at CM?

Half those players would probably be worth a punt, even if they flopped and got sold on the cheap after a year.


Well if one is on its way out and it’s replacement is something that is reliable and dependable every week then yes I would.

Ps i ain’t a Audi fan I found them cramped inside more like sardine tins these days


I love that some fans believe we’re going to replace Ozil and Sanchez with players anywhere near the level of Ozil and Sanchez.

We’re definitely replacing the Audi with the Corsa, it’s just how good a condition is that Corsa going to be in.


Mata is so 2011 and Barkley couldn’t lace Jack’s boots.


Barkley is a player with potently but he needs a manager to get the best out off him he won’t get that at Everton.


I’ll take Messi, Alexis, Goretzka, Oezil, Ghoulam, Wilshere, Oezyakup.



We should offer Messi a contract just for the lols


Mesut is easily a Bugatti. Come now.


tbh I was gonna write a super car but couldn’t be fucked googling how to spell them :joy:

Stuck with good old reliable German Audi :ozil:


“I wanted to talk about my contract situation”
“Oh Good, so do we”
“Well that’s the thing…”
“Lets talk about how we can move forward together”
“Well thats the thing… I’ve been thinking about things a lot recently…”
“Thinking about how we could improve our scouting facility and attract even more talent?”
“Not exactly…”
“Oh, were you thinking about the financial aspect? Well we’d like to offer an improved remuneration package”
“No, I don’t think you’re understanding me. Arsenal have made me an offer and I’d like to accept it”
“Which player have they made an offer for? We’ll consider any offer that makes sense financially”
"I don’t know how to be any clearer, what I’m trying to say is…


Think we can replace Sanchez with Messi. He looks a good player.


Doubt Messi would be able to displace Theo tbh.


It’s a fact that Messi himself said that Theo was the most dangerous player on earth, therefore making him the GOAT of all the GOATS.


It’s always been Messi’s dream to play with Theo so I expect he’s angling to sign with the Arsenal this summer.


Can’t wait to see Messi play wing back.




When Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla leave, we won’t need a super car.
We’ll need a tractor to drag us out of the mess we’ll be in.

Walcott’s is too goo good for us, he’ll be going to Barcelona to play in an attacking line up with Messi and Suarez.


Why people saying Messi is GOAT? MGG is GOAT. That’s been established. :roll_eyes: