January 2018 Transfers


I know, hence why i said i know it wouldnt likely be happening, but it would be so awesome if there was just the littlest bit of truth in it.


So do I!! :pray:


It’s actually the Daily Star and Bleacher Report who are reporting it. The Daily Mail are just reporting the Daily Star’s reporting… :smile: BR do some pretty good features, but i’m not really sure how reliable they are in terms of news.


Fekir is the one I want, he’d be as good a replacement for Sanchez as we could possibly hope for.


Well yeah, we all want a cheeky Fekir in our team :sunglasses:


Fekir and Lemar for Ozil and Sanchez would be ok.

Then just sort out the other glaring holes in the following window to get us back challenging for the PL.


I really should’ve patented this pun so to not inabil people copying it over and over. :confused:


Good idea. Don’t bother getting a patent on your other puns though - pretty sure no one will want to use them :wink:


Did you mean to qoute my post from December 2016? Lol


HA! GOOD ONE, JADE! :joy::joy::joy::campbell::arteta::arteta::coq::ramsey::santi2::per:


I didn’t, but if I did, it must be that great minds think alike :grin:


Fekir has to be 100m in this market.

I’d take a punt on Zaha. He’s improved his end product in the last season or so and he has the dribbling, pace and power we don’t have too much of these days especially with Alexis on the way out. Even if he is ‘another Gervinho’, well I don’t think Gervinho was as bad as made out.


That’s right.

He was worse.


His technique was terrible but he had the best off the ball movement in the squad and was one of our best dribblers. We would of benefited if we kept him to play alongside Ozil who had no runners in front of him when he signed except for Theo who got injured.


Gervinho was not as bad as everyone made out but I am glad we parted with him.
He was frustrating.


I think Gervinho was exactly as shit as is made out.


The 11-13 teams were the absolute worst in Wenger’s 20 years, because of players like Gervinho.


Gervinho was probably a top 5 or better going past players player of the Wenger era. He was so good at the few things he was good at that it made it that much more baffling and infuriating how terribly bad he was at everything else.


He wasn’t the worst attacking player we bought of that period because around that time we bought Chamakh, Park and Campbell who were about as bad as it gets.
He was skilful and could beat players when he was playing well, but that only happened on a few occasions.
He was far too inconsistent and wasn’t a top four player.

The amazing thing about him was the speed in which Wenger got rid of him.
Usually a player gets several seasons before Wenger has had enough but Gervinho was gone after a couple of seasons and was one of Wenger’s most expensive signings, so something must have happened for him to go so quickly.

I just want what ever happened between Gervinho and Wenger to happen between him and Walcott, because he is a player that should have definitely gone way before now, and has managed to earn a fortune as well.


Chamakh scored more goals for us than Gervinho did, in a similar number of games…

I think Wenger got rid of them because they both had shit haircuts :grin: