January 2018 Transfers


Don’t know him. Is he any good?


That’s only if he accepts Bilbao’s offer, no ?


Kepa’s class, his arguably one of the best young keepers around.


Real bound I imagine.


BOOOOOO! I want a refund!


I don’t trust an article that’s too scared to attempt to spell his last name.


What do people think of this? I like Zaha, but to replace Sanchez? :expressionless:


His finishing is woeful

Sign him up


“£35 million bid” :joy:

No way will we pay that money for Zaha, not sure what he’s actually good at.


A better version of Gervinho.


You could make a fantastic “Zaha best goals & s1ck skill$ 2017” compilation video but he’s always struck me as really inconsistent, and his mentality to cope where the expectations are higher (lol) is questionable.

Bonus points for shagging Moyes’ daughter but a pass from me.


Isn’t Arsenal infuriating enough as it is?


He is Man U reject and his level is Crystal Palace so he fits the bill perfectly for Sanchez replacement…

He is cheaper than a genuine world class player so this is the sort of player we are going to be linked with,

He is a typical Wenger player, cheap, young, often injured and no other top club to stand in his way.


We weren’t interested in him when he went to United and I don’t see what he’s done since that would have sparked any interest from us. Not buying it’s anything other than paper talk.


Nothing against him specifically but I refuse to believe we’d spend that kind of money on that profile of player.

If Chamberlain is worth that kind of money then there’s no reason Zaha isn’t, but we’re more likely to spend half on someone from abroad (which I’d support).


I don’t think Zaha is a bad player, in fact he is one of the better flair players in the PL that isn’t at a top club, but his inconsistency and previous injury problems make him an unrealistic prospect.

Your probably right, and we will probably spend half of what his value is on someone from abroad.
The problem is that for just over 15m you aren’t going to get much better than a squad player, let alone a replacement for one of the best players in Europe.


So if this was going to go ahead, all Wenger would be fucking doing is finally getting rid of AOC for £40m only to spend that sorta money again on another fucking AOC when you think, what is this guy really good at. He cant score, he can run with the ball but has no end product, he cant defend is useless i the midfield so whats the fucking point…definitely gonna happen isnt it :santi:


soooooooooooo badly want this to be true, yes i know it wont be


If he is joining us in january Ozil is leaving, then.


“Daily Mail”