January 2018 Transfers


“A footballer moving clubs during the transfer window is no different to someone leaving Tesco to join Sainsbury’s.” Danny Mills.

Yeah no different at all. That £10m contract I signed when I went from Aldi to Lidl has set me up for life… Though my ex-customers standing outside booing can get a bit frustrating at times.


Did this really happen? That’s like going from spurs to Arsenal, clearly a step up but highly controversial. :slight_smile:


Ha no it didn’t really happen. I’ve never worked in a supermarket. But in my current job, I did move from one magazine to one of their main competitors so I guess I am a bit of a traitor really :smirk:


Was it because your magazine at the time lacked ambition? Did you ever write an article to that effect? :grin:


Lol it was actually. They kept letting people leave and rather than replace them they’d get the juniors doing more work, who they could obviously pay less, but in return the quality wasn’t as good. I’m Alexis Sanchez, I can’t stay somewhere that lacks ambition :smile:


So we couldnt offload Jenkinson or Debuchy because they get paid too much at Arsenal and wont take paycuts !

Same as it ever was !


I would love if we can get james or bale from madrid, one of them will leave eventually this half of year we hsoudl try to sign one of them.




Would it not have been better to start a fresh thread for January @Bl1nk ? Looks better imo keeping the summer and January threads separate


Can just rename them everytime it’s easy

EDIT didnt realise we had another thread


Anyone ever heard of this cunt? He’s 21 and that story is the first time I’ve ever seen his name.


He played 24 games for Betis over last couple of years…

Not good enough for a “top” team so we’ll take him. Sounds about right.


Yeah he was highly touted before he went to Chelsea and apparently we were in for him… might as well take the young cast-offs of the big teams - hopefully with one of them we strike gold… we need to be mining for more of it.



Thanks. :slight_smile:


The new Solomon Kalou


It’s probably bullshit but we should try our luck anyway, pay the 20mil release clause, offer Kepa the #1 spot and see what happens.


It’s the right time to start thinking about signing a new Ke pa.


It looks like it’s a 100m release clause