January 2018 Transfers


Isn’t the guy a local businessman and supposed Hull fan too? I don’t think shameful is a strong enough work tbh.


Wasn’t this guy highly rated once?! @Luca_from_Italy @SRCJJ


Massively mistake prone though. He was highly rated at Bari when he worked with Bonucci. Those days are long gone now though.


Least exciting deadline day header image ever. I’ll still be glued to it like a knob though.


This transfer window in general has been utter shite.


They honestly should just do away with the January window.


Don’t know what you mean, I needed a moment after hearing Patrick van Aanholt is moving from Sunderland to Palace


What’s wrong with that? He has weighed up the odds. And has clearly decided that Palace have more of a chance at finishing 17th than Sunderland. :poldi:


Would’ve loved Benzema but that’s fantasy world. Wenger said yesterday no need to sign him.


Going to Chelsea apparently.


Benzemas time was 2 years ago ,not now .
Wghat we do need and need very badly is a creative midfielder not sure who where cost etc but Santi needs replacing !
If expensive we can sell Ramsey in part exchange !


Interesting timing, on deadline day…


Exactly what does he knee aspire to be?

I said we should of got him in the summer.


It aspires to play for Chelsea :grin:


Only a local paper getting fooled this time, but you’ll still like this @Calum

I can’t believe they didn’t look twice given the surname is dildo ffs :laughing:


Yermas Dildo huh :gabriel:


Sounds like he can stick it in the net, reading might have a good signing on their hands. Their fans will be buzzing :smiley:



Agreed he’s nearing 30 now Benzema so we shouldn’t be looking at paying big money for him.


Kim Kallstrom is a free agent. Imagine the scenes if we re-signed him in our current hour of need :sweat_smile: