January 2018 Transfers


I wonder if he would have stayed if West Ham were in the Europa still


Didn’t he join West ham from marseille? Haha


Scenes. Don’t know who it is but turning down your club for the MLS must sting a bit :joy:


Hull selling another key player…

good player. Will do well at Burnley


Hull relegated mates.


^Summer transfer window


would be brilliant if none of the top teams bought anybody, sky left twiddling their thumbs…Dredging up lower division deals…
if only…

Football for the people…


So Silva has joined them and their owner hasn’t told him they are planning to sell all their best players? He should resign, tbf.


:cech: £40m??


If he’s smart he’ll stay well away from Chelsea, the place where promising go to careers die


Celtic don’t need to sell. Plus he’s one of their best players. 40M seems fair enough to me.


Los Angeles >> Hull.


Celtic might not need to sell but he’s quite clearly a talented kid, he’ll want to move on at some point.

You probably watch more Scottish football than I do, but £40m sounds steep for someone playing in that league.


He made a great call going to Celtic and should at least see out the season there. There will be more teams looking for him in the summer.


Theres a few damn fine dembele’s out there arent there.



Imagine being valued at £40 million and not even being the best player with that name.


Ha! Never thought of it like that.

Wonder what C.Ronaldo makes of it :smile:


He is so arrogant, he probably has the exact same sympathy thought about Brazilian Ronaldo :grin:


He’s that good tbh. If he was playing in another league you would probably agree with Celtic’s reasoning!

He won’t be at Celtic for ever but when he goes it will be a Scottish record for a transfer fee.


The situation at Hull has to be the biggest footballing shambles of recent times, on top of these player sales and trying to rename the club against the supporters’ wishes, I heard something about how the owners have removed the concession pricing for tickets this season, so if you are 8, 48, or 88 at Hull you pay the same ticket price. Shameful.

Have complete sympathy for the people who stayed away even from a league cup semi final, I would’ve definitely joined the boycott.