January 2018 Transfers


Isnt sanchez the WC winger we were expecting since RVP left?


Whats that got to do with me?


If he is, then we need a striker but I’m assuming Sanchez has been moved from the wing to the striker position, so we need to get a winger of similar quality to him.

Either way we need another top quality attacking player, unless you’re happy with Chamberlain, Walcott or Giroud.


RVP has been replaced, let it go. What we need now is to add further talent.



Bojan looked good for Stoke, tbf.


Yeah, don’t know what happened there. Was he shit after his injury?




Payet to Marseille is such a fucking waste.


Total waste.


This shows his level of ambition.


Fair play to him, he’s putting his family’s happiness first.


Nah hes just pussy whipped.

Edit: is there actually any confirmation on what ‘family reasons’ actually means?


Probably happy though.


He didn’t want to leave Marseille in the first place. He was sold as they had money trouble. They are now owned by a rich owner so Marseille have bought him back.


Italian OA lads what’s he like then?


Nothing special. Sarri prefers to play Mertens (with great results) as CF than him.


Says a lot, if they’re buying him to play as CF it won’t be too pretty.

Although who knows maybe the PL will suit him more.



West Ham to Marseille is a step up. Or the reversal of the downward step he took to join West Ham.

He has minimal chance of winning anything at West Ham. He has a slightly better chance of winning something at Marseille, and definitely a better chance of getting top 3 in France vs top 4 in England. Great move for the player.