January 2018 Transfers


Seems fucking obvious to acquire these players, im not sure why more dont do it




Guedes is highly rated by many. Our inaction in the transfer market while we push on with the likes of Ox and Giroud in forward positions is depressing.


Yep… even an Isak type signing would provide some excitement at this point… we need more quality in attacking positions but I’ll take a prospect at this rate.

I would bet we get nothing this window.


Lucas, Di Maria, Jesè, Lo Celso, Ben Arfa, Pastore, Draxler, Nkunku: eight players for two places. Now, they want to sign another winger :joy:


IT is one of the real problems with big money - if they keep all of those in their squad fine, but imagine they buy 20 players, loan one out 18 of them, one to each team in their league other than their 2 or 3 rivals, strengthening all of them other than in competition with themselves.


This year to have better players will be not good enough to win the title. Nice have much hungry because are a small team and Monaco play better football.


Ox agreed, but Giroud? Start actually watching all our games again soon please.

Giroud as a backup is class.


He’s not a back-up at the moment, and class is not the word I’d use. Giroud as a backup I’d go with: Of the requisite level for a top club.


So, you find it depressing we continue to play him, but feel he is of the necessary level for a top club…

Okay then. :smile:


Between you, @JakeyBoy, and @Trion I’m starting to think one is not allowed to used nuanced language around here.


His presence is probably the reason why they haven’t gone full out on a proper striker and the club has been lingering with Welbeck, Sanchez for that position and now Giroud is back leading the line. Not ideal.


If only it were nuanced.


Put your dummy back in


Yeah, true, it’s not that nuanced, but managed to be misunderstood nonetheless.


You truely think that it’s a reflection of @Trion, @JakeyBoy and myself?

It’s probably time to take a little responsibility here buddy.


Those options are not as good as they seem on paper when you look into the current situation of each player.

Seems the price for Guedes is only €25m which is crazy when you think about his age and supposed talent.


That’s West Ham, Boro and now Burnley.


But the difference being this bid was actually successful? Can’t believe they’re willing to let him go to Burnley for only £10m when he’s been their talisman.


Yeah, they sold Livermore last week too. It seems like they’re accepting relegation. That’s the spirit.