January 2018 Transfers


When van Dijk is the next to want out and their #1 centre back is Maya Yoshida, then they’ll be bothered.

Maybe they can sign Mike van der Hoorn from Swansea.


If they get Sakho they’ll be alright imo



I was wondering if he was still alive, lol.


AC Milan announced Deulofeu on loan but Everton have refused to confirm.


Glad to see Berahino finally get that move to a bigger club he craved.


If they have bought Berahaino what’s going to happen to Bony?


He’s only on loan. Probably go to China or back to City in the summer


Apparently Alexander Isak to Dortmund for €10million.
Makes you wonder if we couldn’t have at least gone for one of Isak, Mor, Guerreiro, Pulisic or Dembele. But then again, Arsene Wenger’s in charge. Cohen Bramall will have to do.


None of these kids is better than what we already have. We need world class players.


Haven’t seen much of Dembele or Guerreiro, have you?


I was being sarcastic for good measure.


Thank god. :sweat_smile:


Portuguese paper Record said Guedes wouldn’t be in the squad today as he’ll be leaving Benfica for an English club. He wasn’t in the squad.


Surprised a bit by Fonte’s sideways move but fairdoes. Decent capture for West Ham.


So Payet is apparently available for £25m and I think despite my reservations about him for that kind of figure he’s worth the punt.


I agree, £25m in new money is nothing and he proved last season that he can be an incredible player. I’d be happy to take a punt too and I think his attitude issues stem from his situation at West Ham. I think he’d be happier at a club our level.



Wont happen sadly.


The way Dortmund do business regarding emerging talent is enviable.

They don’t half mess about.