January 2018 Transfers


That’s a weird one. And Boro only bought him at the end of the last transfer window. Though I’m in favour of players playing for 3 different clubs in 1 season, we need more of that :grin:



Good lad. Nothing wrong with that sort of ambition even if he has yet to acquire the right skillset.


Sounds about right (the behaviour/attitude). Much like when Pep poked Bellerin, similar thing.


Try again (and again) West Ham.


@Burgundy :+1:


Ligue 1 is his level. Good move for him.


He reminds me of Royston Drenthe but with less discipline issues.


He’s a better player then Drenthe.


I’m a better player than Drenthe.




Bit of a weird one this :thinking:


Maybe Southampton got fed up of selling players to Liverpool


Time will tell if he is better than drenthe, his carreer is taking the same path.


How poor are Southampton?! Gotta feel for the fans.

Weirdest move ever… why on earth would you move to West Ham right now?


Depay did a lot more in the Eredivisie to justify the thought his career won’t go like Drenthe’s did. Not saying that can’t happen obviously.


He has been with Southampton for 6,5 years now I think? Maybe he just want a change of scenary.

He has also blown some bridges probably.


Don’t think Southampton fans aren’t bothered. Hasn’t been that good this season and is 33


Fairs doos. Still seems weird for me - you’d think there’d be better options!


Good news for us. Saints are losing a key player for them.