January 2018 Transfers




Madness level 99999999!


Ornstein is cool and all but tbh…


MADNESS! Sven is better than a porno :giroud2:


But probs not Evans.


Wtf are these clubs…


David Luiz?


I was reading we were asking about Luiz but he’s out of our budget so probably not.


Imagine we sign Myer out of nowhere. :giroud3:

Just when I thought the MADNESSSSS was over it restarts. does it ever end?! :heart_eyes:


Nasri and Song, that’s my kinda short termist clinging onto the past madness :giroud2:


What’s your preference order between Meyer, Evans and Luiz?


Luiz, for the #bantz


Meyer by a distance. Midfield the source of all our problems.


Manolasssssss :grin:


Agree. We have some funny coaching of our defense, and we play a type of attacking football that leaves our defence a bit exposed anyway, so a ball winning DM or just midfield control in general will be the biggest improvement to our game I think.

While Jack is a great midfielder, so is Özil and neither of them do or are supposed to clean up and get the ball back too much, we need specialised players for that role imo. Can it be someone in our own squad already? Maybe one of the young ones? if not, get one in imo. Whatever Coq did that season with Cazorla, and however it was made possible - that is what I want again.


You’ve already put them in order pal :slight_smile:


If this happens I will actually believe and follow this Moley geezer.

If not then patch him.




Holy fucking shitballs.

Manolas, Auba, and Mkhi would be a great window with all of the dross we have shipped out.


@Arsenal4thetreble :open_mouth: