Jack Wilshere


Cross is either copying Goal.com (most likely) or has heard too that Wilshere is renewing his contract. On one hand it doesn’t bother me that he’ll stay, but how likely is it that we will sign a midfielder with Ramsey, Wilshere, Xhaka and Elneny on the books?


Staying, but he wouldn’t be first choice next season, imo. Just for our depth.


Yeah that’s exactly why I wanted him to leave, our central midfield options aren’t good enough and we need to sign one.



Not sure how I feel about this


Think this means Ramsey must be off.


I’m annoyed that we’ve seemingly caved in to his demands


If the midfield stays as it then it’s poverty.

I’m genuinely bored of Jack and Ramsey


Unfortunately, sentiment still rules the club.

Nothing against Jack but we should have moved on tbh, don’t see him as starter material and surely there are value targets out there that could give similar output if not better without the stamina issues.


should not be first choice. He can play the home games against cannon fodder.


Ah we’ve fucked it. Good old arsenal at it again


Whether he signs or not, he still doesn’t have any assurances from the manager-to-be of a certain first team position. My only concern is the wages really. I don’t want us to have to faff around in the future because Jack’s wages are one a hindrance. I still think we’ll sign adequately in CM.


This is exactly what Arsenal DNA is now then. Fucking unfit wannabe who never was. Fucking big myth this cunt.


What are the chances of getting jack to sign a new contract, only for the new manager to come in and demand he is sold anyway? :grin:


He can fill in for Vic ackers


Arsenal and rewarding shitness, name a more iconic duo.


Surely it would make more sense to wait until a new manager now, no?

Bald bastard better get ready for the fire coming for him. Fan goodwill with the board is at zero. :fire: :fire:

(Bald bastard in this case is Gazidis not Wilshere :wink: )


If I cut the bullshit for a second, I thought he was gone and quite a big part of me thought that that may be for the best*. 3+1 is a gamble. :grimacing:

*Though, tbf, quite a big part is also glad he’s staying. :giroud3::mkhi:


Pretty good I’d say. Lose him on a free now or sign him up and possibly flog him over the next year or two if he’s shit? At c.£100k pw we can keep him around for a year and only need £5.2m for him to recoup our investment. I doubt he’ll want to stay if he’s not getting any games under the new manager. I’d say that’s do’able.

But yeah, fuck the board anyway.


We’ve got plenty of money, having Jack on the books isn’t gonna handcuff us one bit. Jack to me is your perfect 3rd choice guy and he’s versatile he can play deeper or in the #10. He shit on Burnley over the weekend. With Özil missing a quarter of our league matches each season, having Jack around for those and the EL campaign isn’t the worst thing in the world.