Jack Wilshere


If the club have offered him £100,000 they can fuck right off.

Take the Everton offer.

He needs to be gone


Sell the overrated fucker. Thanks.


His DNA not getting mentioned today then. Another invisible 60 minutes and then strolled off when subbed. Captain fantastic. Just go.


He’s simply just a shit footballer


Some captain. Gets taken off lol. Who takes off their ‘captain’ during the biggest game of the season. If he can’t play a good 90mins then he shouldnt be anywhere near the armband. What a joke. Although this is mainly Wenger’s doing.


Arsenal captaincy is a joke.

Our official club captain never plays and now our vice captain will be out for a while. So we just pass it around to anyone who’s played a decent number of games for us, regardless of their leadership abilities! Four different captains in the last two games.

It’s supposed to be an honour, and a player who is refusing to sign a new contract doesn’t deserve that honour


Didn’t think he was so bad against Atléti tbh, perhaps he didn’t force the issue quite enough but I thought he and Xhaka both had decent games. Aside from Welbeck and Bellerín for his error I wouldn’t really single out anyone from that match tbh, Atléti were just the better side on the day in every way.

Looks like he had a nice game yesterday, at least his run forward made the Kolasinac goal from the highlights.

As long as he’s willing to accept a squad role, and accept being taken off early as he was the other day against Atléti, I’d be happy to keep him. Though he never should’ve started instead of Mkhitaryan (nor should Welbeck of course), we needed to go with a far more aggressive approach needing much more a goal than to not concede the goal that we were going to concede regardless from the inevitable lapse in concentration regardless of how solid we were.


Calling him shit and what not is a bit over the top imo. His raw skill and technique is certanly above average. Unfortunately for him his stamina, speed and power is all gone. Could still see him doing good at Everton, West ham etc.



Fucking debatable.


I’m a fan of Jack but I do think he’d benefit from moving on and I think we would too.


Got a nice assist against Burnley though and Atletico in the first leg.

I really don’t think we should be paying him more than £90-100k though.


Awesome, that should make it a career total of about 12 assists now :laughing:


The overhaul is not going to happen this summer…4 centre backs and 4 centre midfielders on the books if Wilshere stays.


So the new manager wants him to stay? I don’t know. He is below Ramsey as player and has been found out as not Arsenal quality.


I don’t mind him staying but I really hope we’re still pushing our heels in on the wages. I think any manager coming in will be looking for another CM. Jack will be making up the numbers next season is all. We can’t exactly assure him of anything at this point.


Just got to hope new manager will help his development.


noooooooo. Mesut needs the #10


With the ball at home against farmers he will be very usefulll. Otherwise doesnt offer that much besides the occasional “hard man” moment.


Pretty sure it will be in the contract he’s signed. With the amount we’ll be paying him image rights will be involved and M10 is part of his image so…