Jack Wilshere


Not sure why where offering tbh.


Glad we aren’t acting desperate to keep him. Wilshere being in the squad and praying for his fitness has always held us back from buying another midfielder, and if he does go, will give us long overdue room to buy another CM.


Seems to be just to say “we tried”, the way the club seem to be blasé about the whole thing is the right message.

Definitely in the interest of all parties to go their separate ways, we don’t need him anymore and that’s been the case for a long time.


It’s all going to end a bit sour with Jack Wilshere. He’ll go to either West Ham or Everton and become a bit of a pantomime villain upon his first return


With 7 years of patience and wages from the club for virtually no development and minimal contribution, Wilshere should sign the offer as is. We stood by him through injuries, allowed him to go on loan to earn minutes for euros, and are still giving him gametime this season despite him being clearly subpar.

Jack owes a lot to Arsenal and this contract saga really makes it sour for me. Of course it’s within his right to look elsewhere for more money, but as a fan I would rather see him take this package and try to fight for a better deal next year.

I wont be sad if he leaves but hope he finds his legs abroad if he manages to overcome injuries. The only thing I will remember about Jack Wilshere is a lot of talk about passion but not much to back it up. Singing Tottenham is shit on TV means nothing. maybe the #10 shirt will finally find a worthy owner.


Who cares. He isn’t good enough.


I think the biggest disappointment about Jack Wilshere has been the lack of an all-round game. Sadly he’s been getting muscled off the ball so easily and his defensive awareness is lacking severely. His ball retention and gradual bursts are his best assets but his general central midfield control is really lacking right now compared to the first half of the season. He was unquestionably performing better back then.

The other night he was playing the second half with an injury (which interestingly no one on here has acknowledged - fookin haters), but he should have declared that to the boss and come off at half time. That lack of maturity is not helping him.

The last time he was consistently performing fantastically well was on the right and I’d be willing to give him a chancd there and place Özil more centrally.


Good move for him IMO. He’ll be reunited with his best mate (should they make Afobe’s loan permanent, which it sounds like they will) and he’ll have bragging rights when Wolves finish higher in the table than us :sunglasses:


We all know that he is fragile but what I cant get my head round is why he fades so dramatic after 65 minutes or so. Can only think he cant push in training. Either way he hasnt got much left now.


Well he’s had years of inactivity, ie no running at all and he’s a smoker. It stands to reason he won’t be very fit.

As technically good as he is fitness is everything to a midfielder.

There’s loads of players who looked like stars in the making that never made it because of their lack of fitness


This saga is getting annoying and honestly I hope he leaves.

I’m yet to hear a compelling reason why Jack Wilshere deserves more than 80k per week plus performance bonuses. All people talk about is how much passion he has, how he’s an Arsenal man and loves the club, how he shows fight and potential, etc. the facts are Wilshere threw a blanket over Arsenal when he went to Bournemouth, he pushed for a loan the year we could have used him when Santi got injured, and now threatens to quit if we don’t give him more money. He doesn’t deserve it. Fuck this.

He had a handful of good displays over the last 7 years yet he leeched millions from the club’s wages while sitting mostly on the medical table. We showed him patience and support through his injuries, but this moron kept on smoking, drinking and ruining his body. He’s gained so much bulk since 2011 yet has no the stamina to keep up in a game so against any decent opposition he looks clueless and slow. This is a player who got his priorities wrong, one whose hype is a myth.

Wenger will always say positive things about his players to the media, but the contract offer speaks otherwise in this case. Arsenal’s running out of patience for Jack, and rightfully so.

release him. give ozil the 10, invest in youth.


He isn’t threatening to quit, he’s simply not agreeing to sign. He has a contract, he’s seeing it out, he thinks he should get more and if it’s not offered he’ll try get it somewhere else. Perfectly legitimate.

He definitely hasn’t been mostly sitting on the medical table. He’s 26 years old, has been in and around the first team for ten seasons with one of them being almost entirely on loan and a number of the others as a teenager (it’s really not worth including his first two seasons in this particular equation) and he has 194 appearances for the club. More than a few of them have been outstanding displays never mind good.

Smoking, drinking etc…lets just presume the club knows more about that than we do and it isn’t the cause of his supposed stamina woes.

And no people don’t just talk about his committment, fight and potential. Most actually recognise he isn’t good enough to operate at the level we need and most are saying that.

He’s not good enough. That’s reason enough to not want him to continue here without having to invent stuff.


New manager means he’s definitely going.

My man Mesut finally gets the #10 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yeah I have to admit, he’s gotten plenty of minutes to impress and he’s been found wanting and I’m not going to be too disappointed if he leaves although I do love his Arsenal spirit.

Another one to the pile of players that include Walcott, Oxlade etc.


Yep this is what has put me off him this year.

You can forgive bad form but he went to Bournemouth to “prove his fitness” and while I think he’s potentially proved he can play football without breaking bones he had those problems there and I wrote it off as a player coming back from injury. But to still have those kinds of problems nearly two years after he went there makes me think it may never change.





Cheeky fucker lol.

The best deal you were ever going to get would be from Wenger. Next manager is going to kick your arse to the curb son.


I still think Wilshere is a great player but it does seem as if he won’t be here next season.
It’s just a shame that we didn’t sell him when we could have got around 30m for him.

This has got West Ham written all over it.
He is free, they are in London and his family support West Ham.


When was that then? You speak of this 30m figure as if it is fact. It could be, but not as far as I’m aware.