Jack Wilshere


Dat Guy’s brother?


Some wonderful moments with us, but he’s not a strong character. Soft fouls and he goes down, when referees don’t give it. We get punished. At times it is his fault for dallying like Ramsey and get caught out. I cannot believe how he could be given the number 10 shirt.

What does the team think when you have a mediocre player wearing Bergkamp’s shirt?


I like Jack and always thought he could turn into a nice player for us - and his Arsenal DNA runs strong, which I do appreciate; however, he is another of a string of “almost there” and “injured too oft” players that hold us back.

The problem for this summer is that we are already facing a few holes in the squad and some aging/expiring contract players.

From a renewal standpoint, I would hold firm with Jack and try hard to get Ramsey signed up long-term. Ramsey has his flaws and has been up and down too, but he at his best has been really good.

We badly need a star in the center to pair with Ramsey - if Xhaka shows continued improvement, he could be in the mix too (although I still don’t believe in him)… then we have our entire defense to rebuild (over the next couple of years) and GK, plus another attacking wing player (hopefully Iwobi progresses and Nelson emerges).


How much are you willing to pay Ramsey? How much is too much?


Baring in mind inflation etc I still wouldn’t be paying him more than we paid Theo.


He will have to be paid at least on par with Aubameyang & Mkhitaryan, I think too much would be approaching 250k. He is one of our most important players, arguably the second best player at the club.


Its a good question - the alternative is that we are essentially stuck with Xhaka, El Neny, and AMN for our 2 key midfield positions… which means we probably need to buy 2 big players.

I guess if I believed we would sign Ndombele and a Kovacic, I’d be totally on board with letting Ramsey and Wilshere go… :henry2:

Will HG be an issue for us any time soon?


He won’t sign for that


Least we forget he’s been crap since 13/14 before this season and his best attribute is stamina and he’s getting older and crapper from here on in. SELL!!!


Sell try buy Isco


Not sure RM would sell him and if they do i reckon it will for a massive amount.


There’d be CL clubs interested too


He’s leaving. Meh


If he does leave we need to sort the desperate state of our homegrown talent.

Need more homegrown talent in our first 11 from a practical point and for a point of Pride

Upon further thought I’m convinced we should go the way of Chelsea: Hoover up all decent UK talents, loan them out, at 23 keep the best ones who have a chance at the top level and sell the ones didn’t quite make it

It’s a good business model


Would Ozyakup be homegrown?

Very few u25 HG players I can think of that I’d be interested in.


It seems a bit negligent of the club to let a player, who is worth around 30m or more, go at the end of the season on a free.


You’ll find any angle to criticise the club. I fail to see what they’ve done wrong here.


From our website:

What is the latest progress on a new contract for Jack Wilshere?

This is what the boss had to say at his pre-match press conference ahead of the AC Milan match:

on Wilshere’s contract situation…
On my side, nothing has changed.

on the chances of him staying…
I don’t know, but Jack will be free at the end of the season. We make a proposal to him, I want him to stay and my desire is to see him linked to the club for the future. I hope he will do it.

on whether he thinks Jack is likely to be named in the England squad…
Yes, I wish he is in the England squad. The vibes I get are positive. I believe he has a good chance to be in there, but we have to leave that to Gareth Southgate. I have enough to do with my job.

He is definitely off.


Apart from letting a valuable player’s contract run down, there is nothing wrong.


I’m with the club on this one.

If he doesn’t want to sign that deal, fine.

That deal is what he deserves. Until he proves himself. And if he does, he’ll be paid more anyway due to the incentives.