Jack Wilshere


Exactly. Only Wenga would still use him as first choice.


Yeah Wilshere wouldn’t be a starter at any club superior to us, so I think it’s in his best interests to stay.


Another game, another shit performance.

But he’s the better option at CM, Cazorla’s replacement.:rofl::rofl:


He wasnt bad.


The best today among all Arsenal midfielders, imo


Thought he played well given the circumstances


I actually thought Xhaka was our best player today


Him and Jack are 1-2, not much difference


Great performance. Get him on the plane Gareth and it’s coming home.





We need to sign a midfielder so realistic one of him or Ramsey could move on. I wouldn’t mind if it was him. By his standards he’s been relatively fit for nearly two seasons and he’s had spells where I think he’s been good but not good enough to be worth making sacrifices for and he’s also had plenty of not good too.


If he can’t understand the club’s basis for an performance related contract then that’s his loss. I’m not sure theres a market for him elsewhere.

I’m sick and tired of this club being held hostage in contract negations. Part of me is genuinely bored of the Jack and Ramsey duo. I wouldn’t be upset if they both left and we tried something different under a new manager


He was BAD against Milan. In a game where Xhaka did as he pleased. Times up at AFC imo.


For you to say that really is damning sadly as I know how much love you do have for Jack. Shame the injuries have ruined what was such a great talent, but at least he’s back to playing football pretty consistently.


I’d rather see what the new manager can do with Jack before I would consider discarding him.


Is he not just holding fire until the immediate future of Big Weng beyond this season becomes clearer?

Seems pretty obvious to me. We don’t know his true intentions or thoughts regarding the manager but he’s on the inside and in a better position to know than we are. I don’t see the issue here and presume he’ll sign further down the line


If it was up to me I’d let Elneny go & keep Wilsh (unless he’d be unhappy with being a squad player) and sign Tanguy Ndombele.


Time to say goodbye, then. He is a good player, but we can do better than him.


I’d be happy to trade out Dat Guy for Tanguy