Jack Wilshere


I don’t think Wilshere was particularly bad and he at least looked like he wanted to be there.
It was interesting what Hoddle said about him.
He obviously rates him as a player but he said that he never seems to play in the same position regularly enough to know what his best position is.
He then said he thought he would be better playing deeper and that would also give him a better chance of being picked for the world cup.
He also said that when Wilshere plays in a more attacking position and taking on players, there is more chance of him picking up injuries.

I still think Wilshere is a very good player and certainly worthy keeping just for his enthusiasm and work rate, as well as his vision.


hmmm wonder if there is any truth to this. I wonder if he means move permanently or out on loan or what. I am on the fence about Jack, he takes up squad space and isnt playing enough, if this shit about Jacks shirt number i would rather keep ozil than jack but then jack loves arsenal and always tries his best and ozil can be up and down hhmmm.


He should leave tbh. Clearly not going to cut it here anymore and he needs to play more than cup football.


He should leave. He is a good player, but not Arsenal level. Lack goals and assists.


He should stay, be fit and save us and be forever young boy Jack with the whole Arsenal family.


As long as we don’t sign another proper midfielder he should stay.


There is no way Wenger would lose Wilshere, Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla in the same window, especially after selling Chamberlain, without some serious quality coming in.


His most significant performance for us what at islington town hall half pissed abusing the spuds. Good as it was its not enough for another contract.


Yep, I’ve finally come to terms with this. Love Jack and always will, just feel it’s best for everyone that we mutually end ties, between club and player.

Waiting for a SvenGem to be unveiled in turn.


Aroused. :giroud2:


Deserved goal. He came close some minutes before with a great shot.


I agree, if we can cash in a good amount of money to allow us get a better replacement it woud be a great deal.

To let him go for a couple of millions like we did with Gnabry, makes no sense. Better get the best out of him while it last then let him go on a free.

I mean if we can keep him and use him for another season or let him go for a ridiculous amount like 9/10 millions or so which are not helpful to get a replacemt, i keep him around for sure.


I thought he was the best player on the pitch tonight. He was at the heart of everything we did, pulling all the strings and just sliding past defenders with ease. His goal was pretty good too. I said before that perhaps he wasn’t good enough for us anymore but i hope he gets more chances in the PL and proves me wrong. I love the lad.

Looks like ice skating has done him good after all :wink:


It was fucking BATE Borisov, Wilshere’s clearly not good enough to start for us.
Man couldn’t outplay Harry Arter last season ffs, why waste time in him instead of giving time to a young player that can actually bring something to the team?


Ur in the wrong thread, this is the Wilshere thread, Theo thread is this way ---->>>>> I agree with you 100% tho.


Yeah it was only BATE but he was still better than anyone else on the pitch, he deserves a little credit at least. I’m still not convinced though, hence why I said I hope he proves me wrong in the future. Against better opposition.

But, of our fringe players, he’s the one I least complain about giving game time to, and the one i’d say is most likely to break into our starting XI.


Other teams have caught up and others moved on because we are still waiting on Wilshire, Walcott and Cazorla to come back. The whole lot of nearly men and walking dead need to just fuck off. How many last chances do you give to this lot. Done it with Rosciky Arteta and Diaby for far to long.


As we are playing many games in less than a month, there would be chances to prove Wilshere.



Jim White is such a bellend.