Jack Wilshere


I always knew Arsene was the right man for the job. :sunglasses:


It would be my dream for Wenger to shut his fucking mouth and spend less time talking and more time watching YouTube’s on proper football tactics. I’m watching the Bayern replay from this weekend and it pains me to watch an entire 11 working as one instead of 3 separate units doing whatever they want like we do.



Think he was quite good.


Definite positive from the evening - great performance, admittedly against shite opposition.


Looked real good tonight.


These flashes in the pan are all good and well but he never lasts the season. It’ll be the same old story unfortunately for Jack. Shame as the quality is there.


Great thing for him that we’re in the Europa League, he gets more chances. Had we been in CL he would only have Carraban(?) Cup matches to look forward to.

Let’s pray he keeps improving and STAYS FIT :pray:


He’s as good a rotation / bench option as you’re likely to have.

Giroud and Wilshere off the bench is enough to change the look of a game. If he’s happy with that role I’d love to keep him.


Easily our best midfielder. Let’s not dream he’ll stay fit but if he can give us 20 games a season he’d be a big quality boost.


Cazorla, Ozil, even Ramsey?


Watch him stay injury free for the next 3 months, fill in when we have an injury crisis and earn a 3 year extension on Wenger’s socialist wage structure. Then he’ll get injured in January and we won’t see him for 2 years.

Pains me to say it given his background, love for the club etc. but we shouldn’t be extending his contract unless its some random as fuck “pay as you play” deal, which he won’t go for. No way should we be extending him on £100k/w or more(I imagine he is already on something similar, if not in excess of this).

Has more quality than Elneny and Coquelin but he’s not competing for their positions. He’s competing with Ramsey, Ozil and possibly at LW if we’re desperate.

He has quality but if he isn’t available to start 15 games a season then he’s a waste of squad space and financial resources.


Wilshere is no doubt a talented player, and his ‘ceiling’ was one of the highest in Europe at the time. Unfortunately since 2011 I haven’t seen anything to suggest he can reach a very very high level (maybe a period in 2013/14).

He definitely doesn’t deserve a contract extension, unless as people have said it’s a pay as you play or on similar terms to his one now.


He’s not going to accept a ‘pay as you play’ at this stage of his career and given his high profile, for him that would be taken as something of an insult. He’ll view himself as first team or nothing at this club once he gets past his first few games, only we all know what the inevitable outcome is going to be. Best case scenario, he plays his way into a big money transfer imo


But he’s out of contract in the summer, isn’t he?


Should probably just offer him an extension of whatever he is on atm. See if he can be a useful enough squad player, if not sell him on later.


Oh yeah had forgotten about that, well he’s off then unless he’s stupid or has a blind loyalty to Arsenal. Wenger talks positively about Wilshere in public but I doubt he thinks enough of him to displace Ramsey on his current form


Nothing to do with stupidness or blind loyalty. For every player in the current squad, except for Ozil and Sanchez, Arsenal is their ceiling. Like Walcott is doing, I would milk that out too. It just makes a lot (financiel) sense. No club is going to offer him what we will. Unless City is really desperate for HG-players.


I think you’d be surprised, in a climate where shitty Ox goes for 40 million I’d almost be certain a few managers would love to take a gamble on a natural talent like Jack.

Pep and Mou especially.


To be fair to Wilshere he is probably the only one who balances on the line and could be moved to the other side. But Guardiola and Mourinho could most definitely find better if not cheaper options outside of England.