Jack Wilshere


In youth football results don’t matter, just about developing players or giving minutes to coming back players, so it’s not that deep Wilshere got sent off


I’m glad Jack did that, stupid tackle from the City player



That City kid saw it coming, Wilshere’s career is already crippled with injuries, his dream of becoming an Arsenal legend (At least that’s what i gathered from previous interviews and so on) is hindered because of that, so i understand his frustration.


I’d be frustrated also if at 19 I was dominating Barca in the Champions league & then in my mid 20s I was being loaned to Bournemouth/ playing under 23s at Arsenal.


He stayed fit and done well at Bournemouth and got them to a top half finish, they’re already struggling without him. Why would you be frustrated with that, under 23s is just for some minutes coming back from injury


Jack was supppsedly going to be an iniesta level player when he was a 19 year old, his career has turned out tragically tbh.


He’s a targeted player which has led to the to constant injuries as he’s more talented than most, you can only live and learn so Wilshere has lots of time left


No, but that kid behaved like a true cunt. I understand Jack.


Jack is just one of us taken from the Sunday leagues. Love him for that.


If Jack had some cool about him, he would have just clocked the kids number and ended him next time he touched the ball. Least the red would have been worth it


Hardly a career ending challenge. I’m guessing the other kid never got a red.


He got


They both got sent off and then Jack pushed him in the tunnel :poldi:


Hahaha, kids football sounds more fun than grown ups.


I thought Bielik went on loan??? Whys he playing for our reserves!


Nah, he didn’t. Somehow both of his possible loans broke down.



Years after introducing broccoli to England and changing the medium forever, it looked like Arsene Wenger had once again revolutionized football by delivering such a compelling conclusion to this long-form narrative


His ban has been reduced to 2 games.


So, 2 of the 5 that he’ll be fit for?:campbell: