Jack Wilshere


Bookies know about as much as we do tbh. Most of it is nonsense.


Tell Newcastle we’ll run a special if they buy all three.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::poldi:


I’m happy to throw in a few others too. They can have Jenkinson for sure. And Debuchy. They were bloody devastated when we bought him, they can have him back.


would be great to see Gibbs, Wilshire, Calum Chambers and Perez all in newcastles first team regularly taking points off our rivals


Would be great to see Wilshere in our first team taking points off of everyone else.


Well yeah that would be ideal


Saw the highlights of his game for U23’s. Can still make it here.


Are you related to him? You do bloody love him :bellerin:


John Cross in making stuff up shocker!..



It sounds like Wenger :mustafi:


Got sent off for the under 23s



For that challenge he deserved the push, some passion by Wilshere


You have to realise once an OA member hates a player and want them out; they throw passion at hating a player.


Remarkable gamesmanship from number 8 there. Man City really do have the finest academy in the world.


Love Wilshere and his passion, great to have him back


I’m not sure pushing an u23 player and scuffling with others is passion.


In general Wilshere has passion. You wouldn’t see most of our players do what he done, and the challenge was worse than the push


Joey Barton wannabe.


Why are people trying to pick at Wilshere not taking any bs from that City kid, and he was acting like a bitch on the floor, how dare Wilshere stick up for himself… Just heat in the moment stuff tbh


Don’t really care either way, but he was playing decently at that point and took himself off the pitch, which was too bad. The results of the game doesn’t matter, but good thing our attacking was clinical b/c our defending overall was abominable.