Jack Wilshere


I read Pickford is actually under £20M there’s just a lot of add one that mean it could rise to £30M.


Woj should be thereabouts too, with far more experience and golden glove medals to match. Pickfords just potential. Hope we get a decent number for Woj.


That is one example that admittedly slipped my mind. Still think that my point holds water overall, prices for keepers haven’t inflated in the same way from what I’ve seen.


Donnasummer probably would have been crazy if he’d actually gone.


And if my aunt… :grin:

I very much like this though lol




Isn’t Hart one of his good friends?


Super Jacky Wilshere grew up as a West Ham fan before moving to Le Arse and totally falling in love with it.


Plus he’s on the English international team with Hart. I’m sure there’s a friendship there.


Maybe Joe can share his experience with Jack about how it was in Italy, so that the latter can prepare mentally for next season.


Perhaps Wilshere should go with him then. Would be a decent move for him and he is better than Mark Noble!


It would be a good move for Wilshere and West Ham.
He is a bit of a crock but at that level he would still be one of their best players and the supporters would love him.
He stayed fit for most of last season so there’s no reason he couldn’t do the same there, but we can’t let him go for much less than 25m.



If players like Stones, Keane, Pickford, and plenty of other average players, are going for between 30-50m, then surely an established player in the PL and at international level, like Wilshere, should at least be 25m

I know he’s had injury problems but he proved last season he can go most of it without too many problems.
He’s also English, which for some reason almost doubles the price, so 25m is reasonable for a player who has plenty left in him.


If we don’t see him for £25m he will be costing us £1m per game if we even get 25 games out of him, we better do it or the club manager and tea lady are a disgrace


Well aside from the fact that we are bad sellers, Jack is in the last year of his contract. I’ve also seen it said several times that the club value him at £9m and that is what we are apparently holding out for. Unless West Ham or Palace or whoever go on a madness there is no way we’re getting £25m for him, whether we think he is worth that or not.


It’s a pretty good attempt at sarcasm but in reality you’re not far wrong.
If you look at how long he has been at the club and how many games he has played, it probably works out at more than 200k a match.
Walcott is even more.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with the tea lady.
What is a disgrace is the way the club is run and those supporters that still defend it.


Find me an example of someone “defending how the club is run” please

The people your referring to do not and are not defending the way he club is run when they tell people with constant negativity to lighten up a bit, I honestly think you’d struggle to find a single post on this forum from anyone bugging up the way the club is run lol


Please stop. Please.


You two were some of the worst for throwing abuse at me before last season.
Telling me I was an idiot for saying we wouldn’t get top four or that spurs would finish ahead of us, as well as all the other snide comments like, “go and support another club” or “your not a real supporter.”

I’ve never stooped to those levels of verbal abuse on this forum, and it’s your prerogative if you want to behave like that and I’m not about to start doing it, but I could drag up a lot of stuff that posters like you have thrown at me in the past, but I prefer not to.

So forgive me if want the best for this club and I get fed up with watching the same scenario unfold every season, and all the other top clubs, including Everton, start to catch up and overtake us, but that’s my opinion, and until I see massive change in the way this club is run, I’m sticking to it.