Jack Wilshere


absolutely nothing to do with lifestyle.


Alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs can impede recovery and make you more likely to get re-injured.

It’s a pity because our midfield is crying out for someone of his skillset.


I remember reading an article about Jack, when he first started playing, about how he had an unusual gait which would likely cause him injuries if he couldn’t amend it. How he would always suffer ankle problems because of it.




Can’t deal with this guy still having our #10. So take the money and runnnnn!

Hopefully Özil gets it :heart_eyes:


exactly that!


Surely Bournemouth would want him at that price. May be inflated, but I don’t see Arsene being too much of a cunt to Jack when the suitor is no rival…?


Absolutely. I don’t understand how anyone expect 20 or 30 million for a player who has yet to prove he can go through a season injury free. And it’s not like he is a teenager who’s only had a couple of injury riddled seasons and might just come good given the long future ahead of him. If there is one thing Jack has proven beyond doubt, it’s the fact that he cannot be relied upon to stay injury free all season, season after season.

And we have to be ruthless this season. Get rid of players who haven’t contributed to the team in a while.


Selling him outside England for a lesser fee is always the answer, I’m sure we’ll have some clauses in there too, that we probably wouldn’t be able to let fly if we sold him to likes of Bournemouth.


Does he still smoke?


£14m for Woj offends me more than £9m for Wilshere. Jack hasn’t been able to prove he can stay fit long term, a vital consideration whichever league you’re in.

This is great value for Sampdoria, a good move for Jack to a decent club (seek advice from Joe Hart about ‘uprooting your family’ - doesn’t have to be a negative) and removes one of Arsenal’s higher earners from the wage bill, someone who unfortunately doesn’t contribute anything on the pitch anymore.

Hope this happens


Just goes to show you how important momemtum is in a career. When you haven’t really hit the heights for so long, the next wave of talent comes through and you being the hot ticket at one stage quickly disappears, as you get shuffled into the back of the talent queue.

£9 million is a bit of a cheeky undervalued bid, but it’s going to be tough to expect much more than that. I said two or three years ago that was the point we should’ve sold him, when his value would’ve definately been around the £25 million mark,

It’s a bit of a sad reflection of what has been a slightly wasted career, ruined by long term injuries, at still a young age.


I’ll say again no way this happens, jack would rather play for Southendthan sampdoria lol


I would rather just keep him rather than sell him for £9 million.

Right now he is probably the best backup to Ramsey that we have as the more attacking CM in the 3-4-3. Obviously, we can’t count on him for much of anything and it would be better to have a more reliable player in that spot. But until and unless we’re signing somebody else, I don’t see any reason to just give him away to Sampdoria for peanuts.


All depends if he’d be replaced with a quality midfielder like you say.

If that was the case would rather let him walk rather than another season of injuries and will he or wont he sign rigmarole.

Otherwise might as well keep him around.


The thing is he’ll probably be injured when you need him as a back up and we need to shift wages if we’re going to bring new players in. His career has been a massive waste of talent no doubt.

I’d hope we add a buyback clause.


Yeah was kind of thinking same thing… even if we accept, have a hard time seeing Jack leave for a team like Sampdoria - he will probably reject it hoping that some other English team come in for him. The days of a glamor team coveting him are long over.


I think the price for goalkeepers hasn’t quite caught up with the crazy inflation for other players just yet (apart from maybe in Manchester), and given that his contract expires in a years time and he’s seemingly dead set on leaving, £14m wouldn’t be that bad IMO


Well, just keeping him around is expensive, especially when we will hardly get a few appearances out of that money, if at all we are lucky. And I really don’t think we will miss him. We missed Santi a heck of a lot more last season than Jack.